Monday, November 16, 2009

The laptop of Chris Lam's dreams...

Chris Lam hates his Dell laptop so much that he wants to buy one of these....

And guess what... it SMELLS like flowers too! ASUS scented laptop series!


Was doing some reserach on hedges at work.... and came across these....

Which would you prefer in your front yard?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Funny Pics

The name says it all. I was looking through my pics and came across these......

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


For the last 3 weeks I've been living alone, and for most people... its probably the best thing ever! Parties... empty house all to yourself... eating whatever food... inviting friends over all the time...

But for me, its been pretty tough. With work and all the gazillion other things on my plate, there is not time to enjoy living alone. Also, due to some recent happenings, living by myself has been a time of fear, anxiety and extra burden.

It makes me think though - If I can feel so bad living by myself for 3 weeks, how bad would it be to live an entire life alone? How bad would it be to live eternity alone? How bad would it be to miss out on the relationship that God extends out to us, and the love that Jesus has shown us on the Cross?

It is bad... and unfortunately it is reality for so many people around us today. So MAN UP and lets introduce the world to the love and the relationship that God offers through Jesus!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Leadership and Ownership

Lately I've been bombarded with thoughts about leadership and how leaders affect the operation of various groups and ministries around the place. Something I've been thinking about a lot is the idea of leadership in terms of ownership, and why leaders can be committed to a group, and why leaders can't. Here are some of my unordered and random thoughts:

1. Leaders have to have a passion for whatever group they are leading. Recently I've been reminded of the needs/passion/ability diagram... and to me, I believe someone passionate about a certain group will commit fully to its cause, while those who are there just because they think they need/have to be there, will not excel in leadership. This is something that has been overlooked greatly, and a lot of us have been pushing needs, or apparent needs to new leaders.

2. Leaders who are not passionate for a ministry will eventually show their true feelings. They won't be 100% committed, they will just do what's required and no more, they will be going through the routines. This in turn impacts the leadership group and gives off negative vibes. They don't 'want' to be there and therefore they don't see any ownership over their group/ministry.

3. Leaders who are passionate about their ministry will subconsciously develop a sense of ownership over their group. They are more willing to commit to and above what is 'required' or 'adequate'. These people genuinely care about the group, and in the long term, will grow the group and create a successful ministry.

I agree that people should find where they should serve by factoring in the current needs, the gifts and abilities, and the desires of the individual. Unfortunately many of us forget that we have to consider all three factors when analysing a person, and we push ourselves into bad leadership decisions.

My 2 cents on leadership today.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

True Friends...

When the hard times in life come.... its when you find who your true friends are.

People fall away when things get tough and rough... True friends stay strong, standing up for you, caring about you and for you... no matter what crazy stuff is happening in life.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Saturday, September 05, 2009

My Birthplace.....

I was looking at my photos and found this one of my birthplace and my humble beginnings...

Says a lot about me huh

Leadership and Direction

One thing that is very common in group situations between the secular and christian world is the need for strong leadership and direction. It is evident in almost all situations:

- Work (Boss)
- Church (Pastoral Team)
- Ministries (Director/Chairman/Coordinator)
- Marriages (Husband!)
- Group Projects (The most talkative person)
- Sports (Captain)

It is quite easy to notice how well the group is working together and if they are achieving their goals or not, and I must admit a great deal of the success of the group is dependant on the type of leader the group has.

A strong leader is someone that people can follow. Someone who has a vision and can also implement strategies to move towards that vision. He brings a team together and leads by example. There are so many classic examples in history, but the best example is Jesus. He was a man people would follow - for one reason or another. He had a clear mission, He brought His 'team' together and He led by example, living the perfect life and serving all those around Him.

We need strong leaders in our Church today - people who can lead God's people, bring them together as one body of Christ, and be clear and focused on the mission of spreading the Gospel message.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Light and Life

Sometimes life is like when the clouds block the sun. All you see and feel is darkness... but you just know there is light on the other side...

And you're just waiting for that light to pierce through the darkness...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Responsibility and Commitment

Over the past two weeks, I've been plagued with issues stemming from the basis of one's commitment and responsibility.

Firstly I think that the biggest difference between secular work and ministry work is that in ministry we all know about such things called grace and forgiveness. We all are imperfect so we're going to fail, and people around us are going to fall short, so we have to be understanding and bear with each other in love.

However, from an organisational perspective, I think there needs to be a level of commitment and responsibility from leaders in a ministry for the ministry to run adequately and effectively.

Commitment is a small word with a big meaning. It also means to pledge or to promise, and usually there is a commitment involved for people when they step up as leaders and team members. Each team member is integral in the planning for the team, and therefore a team member's commitment is crucual in that planning. For example, if a ministry needs 8 leaders in the beginning of the year, and they find 8 leaders who sign up full time, there is a commitment for each leader to be part of that ministry for the flow of the year or whatever period of time is mentioned, or else the ministry can't run to the way it was planned to. I think that yes we have to be understanding of people when they can't commit or they are unsuccessful in committing to a certain thing, but in a planning point of view, people should be up front, honest and down to earth about their levels of commitment. I know I'm a busy person that can't commit to going to Blokes Business (a men's fellowship group at our church) even though I support the group fully, and I have made that clear to the relevant person in charge, and he is understanding of the situation.

Responsibility is another big word in being part of a team. Usually every member has some weight to pull in terms of things they are in charge of, and each member has to trust each other that the other person is pulling their particular weight too. I think and hope I'm forgiving and understanding when people don't fulfil their part, and I do try my best to. The itching point in my mind is that in my point of view, people need to 'know' and 'find out' what they are and aren't responsible for. It could be miscommunication, laziness, or an honest misunderstanding that no one has ever rectified, or just plain stubbornness not to understand how things are meant to work. What I find more frustrating to deal with is not that people don't live up to what they are responsible for, but that they don't know what they are responsible for, or they don't want to change in order to be responsible for the right things.

I guess when it comes down to the end - we all have to be forgiving and understanding. We're all serving Christ and that's what matters. Lets just hope we all continue to move forward, learn together and understand people better.

Anyway... my rant is over :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009


This week has by far been a week of struggles.

Here are some things I have been struggling with this week... please pray for me about them:

- General busy-ness
- RICE in 2 weeks
- Lots of RICE design/decorations/promo to oversee and coordinate
- Tiredness from driving to and from Sydney in 36 hrs
- Being tolerant and loving to people who are frustrating
- People around me to be more responsible for their duties
- Trust God when things don't go to plan, or things pop up
- My wrist: I injured it a couple nights ago
- Wisdom during the many meetings happening for various ministries
- Salty conversations with people I meet up with
- Should spend more time with my family
- Getting more sleep
- Insight for songs to pick for BLT+

Lots more to pray about but that is a start.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What happens....

When you fall over on a threadmill...

Don't know which is worse - dead Ipod or dead wrist hmmmmmm

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Christian Pick Up Lines

Dug this up from a while ago :P
  1. Hey.... nice bible!!
  2. I would like to pray with you
  3. You know Jesus?! Me too!!
  4. God laid it heavy on my heart to talk to you
  5. I know a church where we cold go and talk...
  6. How about a hug.. Sister?
  7. Do you need help carrying your bible?... It looks heavy
  8. C'mon Christians don't shake hands. Christians gotta hug!
  9. Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
  10. What are your plans tonight? Feel like a bible study?
  11. The scriptures say "give to those who are thirsty and feed the hungry" How about dinner?
  12. Oh. You don't have an accountability partner? Me neither.
  13. I was wondering whether you wanted to come over and watch the ten commandments tonight?
  14. Is it a sin that you stole my heart?
  15. Would you happen to know a Christian woman that I could love with all my heart and wait on hand and foot (?)
  16. Hey nice bracelet. What would Jesus date? Oops, I mean "do"
  17. I was wondering, have you ever tried praying at a drive in move before?
  18. Excuse me, I believe one of your ribs belong to me.
  19. You know they say that you have never really dated until you have dated a Christian....

Friday, June 19, 2009

Best Dinner in the World

I could eat this every day.....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Spy with my little eyes.....

A couple having a date...

at MACGREGOR PARK!!?@!?$ :S :S :S

Awesome date destination :P

Monday, June 08, 2009

Step up Men of Faith!

Just a quick passing note...

Heard Queensland Baptists have voted against the idea of female ordination, and also voted against a compromise of female ordination (that females can be ordained but not be senior pastors). Other than the common sense and sound application of the scriptures prevailing, I think its a timely call for men to step up in this new millenia...

Men today have to step up and take their place as the head of their household, and leaders of the church. This is not saying that women are not equal to men, as both men and women are made equal but with different roles. Unfortunately there is a lack of men stepping up to take their place as humble, servant-hearted and Christ-like leaders in this world, in our families and in our churches, leading our people, whether it be in the secular world, in our congregations and in our families and relationships. We need more leaders to imitate Christ and to be living examples of the faith we proclaim!


I was driving on the freeway when a cop car who pulled over next to the left lane.... he opened his door into the left lane where I was driving..... like when i was about 100m away..

SO DANGEROUS! could have clipped it...

Sigh, wish I saw his lisense plate...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Why I'm not going to Malaya Corner for a while....

I had always respected Malaya Corner and its food.... I showed my pride towards this asian restaurant because of its affiliation with Malaysia... EVEN THOUGH it was owned by Honkies (and the food ain't true malaysian food).

But after today, I'm not going back for a long time.

We were having lunch there and look what Elaine pulled from the bottom of her dish.... on the serviette...

Massively long hair...

My Noodes weren't cooked well at all... the bottom parts were still bunched together like how they are cooked, and still lightly coloured and cold. Also had a really weird aftertaste like it had been soaked in some yuck liquid.

Surprisingly I ate more greens than meat/noodles... haha...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Birthday Poem

I thought this poem my uni friend (thanks Lily!) made up was pretty good and funny at places, so here it is :)

Dear Joshua,

Oh what a “grown up” boy you have become;

Since the day we met, you were our wee little chum.

You had made every uni day worthwhile;

With your weird wacky ways and your warm friendly smile.

You’ve cheered us up on our crappy crit days;

And helped us out with our sh*tty essays.

And even though we’ve only known you 3 years;

It has felt like way more, as we’ve shared our fears.

We’ve been through rain and hail together;

But our friendship has conquered worst weather.

And we couldn’t be more grateful with someone like you;

Someone with confidence, pride and cares like you do.

There is not a day that you’re not at the pizza cafĂ©;

It’s the only place around uni that you seem to like to stay.

You always rock up in blue and sporty gear;

It makes you appear calm, clear and definitely not austere.

You always help out anytime you can;

So, I’d like to thank you Joshua Tan;

For being a mate, a leader, a teacher, a clown;

The nicest guy we could ever have around.

You’re sincerely what we’d call a true friend;

Let’s just hope our friendship will never end.

Josh, you are a great guy and you deserve to enjoy;

So, here’s to you, our grown up Joshi boy!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Worship 101

As many of you know, I'm quite involved and passionate about worship at churches, and how the music ministry serves the church in terms of the team members, the leaders and especially the congregation of worshippers.

After a number frustrating and eventful services which I have seen, led or been part of in some way, I have decided that this would be a nice place to voice my view on worship, give some tips and ideas to my fellow worship team members in my church and in other churches, and also to get some feedback on my views regarding this.

Over the next few weeks, topics such as: what is a church music ministry, what is worship and corporate worship, tips on worship leading, tips on coordinating a team, song choice, the flow of a service, and many other topics.

A book that has helped me rethink my ideas on worship is "Worship Matters" by Bob Kauflin. He presents the idea of worship and song leading with a theological and biblical foundation - something many christian books on worship lack greatly. Hope these next few weeks challenge your view on worship and we can open a new forum on evangelical worship and music at our churches.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Only in Dubai...

A fish tank of curved glass suspended of the side of a 10 storey building...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Contrasting the Cross

I recently read on the news about a certain radio show host, attempting to recreate the cross by being nailed on it himself, in order to investigate the cross for forensic purposes, in his SBS TV show. The man is said to be setting out to expose the hypocrisy and failings of religion.

This made me think of many contrasts between this man and the cross, and why his experiment is futile:

Radio Show Host (RDS): He is a man, a sinner, and falls short of being righteous
Jesus Christ (JC): He is fully God, fully man, righteous and perfect

RDS: He has a death sentence hanging over his head
JC: He is pure, blameless, yet dies for the sins of others

RDS: While he did feel pain, the pain he felt was the 4 nails precisely nailed into his hands and feet
JC: He was whipped, stripped, jeered, carried a heavy cross, given a crown of thorns which actually embedded into his head, and physically abused in many ways before being put on the cross

RDS: He is (probably) rejecting God and being rejected by God
JC: He is God's son, and on the cross he was feeling the separation from the perfect relationship He had with God for our benefit

RDS: He 'hung' on the cross for 5 minutes, and there was a plinth for his feet so he could stand
JC: He was hung and literally hung for hours. His body weighed down and the immense pain is unimaginable

RDS: He did not die or was near death, and had medics treating him after the 5 minutes
JC: He died on the cross, and He rose again after 3 days

RDS: His experimentation of the cross is meaningless in eternity
JC: His death on the cross determines our eternity

Jesus' Death on the cross (and his ressurection) is not vague, mysterious or myth. It is real history and many historical, archaelogical and biblical accounts and documents affirm this.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Caught Red Handed

Graffiti'ing in Hong Kong tsk tsk Leonie!

Friday, March 27, 2009


This is a smoking room

This is someone's bathroom

This is the outside of a public toilet...

And this is the inside...


Monday, March 23, 2009

Monstrosity - Bacon Explosion

Imagine.... 2.2kg of pure sausage meat coated in bacon...

Cooked with 10 litres of oil and spicy BBQ sauce..


Too bad Tom took it too seriously and exploded before the night service. His fart could be smelled 15 metres away (Amy said she could feel it)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

To cap off a wonderful week.....

Realised that JOA (my car) got smacked by a stone yesterday sometime......

In other news, was so close to buying E this for his birthday.....

Can't you just imagine him playing this (with a wii board too)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Devil's Snare

I've been feeling like Satan has been attacking me heaps in the past week or two:

- in my family, friendships and relationships (rough edges everywhere)
- in my ministries (in particular Worship and RICE)
- at work (busy busy busy)
- driving (near misses of cars hitting me and pedestrians running in front of my car)
- mentally (feeling very drained and not very aware as I usually am)
- timetable (pretty much every day is busy and booked out)
- financially (a few big surprises which have hurt me quite a bit financially)

... need to focus. move on. keep striving.

Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sunday Lunch Poll

Due to constant indecisiveness in lunch choices, the lunch poll is back!

This week, I will determine some impartial choices (no Yahoo or 7-8 since we've been recently). As for next week, if there are any new food venues which would like to be added, please reply to this post, and to specify and vote for the "Other" option, please reply to the post.

Lastly, if you're not intending to lunch with us, please don't vote. Also please don't use multiple computers to vote for your choice.

Poll finishes when I leave to church on Sunday morning. PS - Can someone please check the poll for this week on Saturday night, because I won't be at church.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Worship Leader

When you hear the term "worship leader" what comes to mind? You think of a professional singer and musician, on stage with a great crowd, sometimes a concert or rally experience, and figures like Darlene Dszchech, Chris Tomlin, and other high profile names.

In the past few weeks and monthes, I've been challenged to think deeply about the role of the worship leader at church, and what are the qualities that are needed of a worship leader, or a person who leads a Sunday worship service at an Australian evangelical church.

The book I'm currently reading puts it this way: The worship leader faces many challenges, including leading the singing, choosing songs, organising the team of singers and musicians, and constructing the flow of the service. However the biggest challenge is none of these things. The biggest challenge is what the leader brings to the pulpit each and every Sunday, which is not the voice or the look.... it is the heart.

Your heart shows what really matters in your life, what you love and are passionate about. Within each of us is a spiritual battle of who or what we will worship.. is it God, or something else? Someone who is leading a congregation in worship must himself be authentically and genuinely worshipping God, and not focusing on themselves or anything else.

Is God in the centre of our hearts? Do we love Him more than anything or anyone else? God deserves our all. He is worthy of our worship. He wants us to love Him. If God is in the centre of our lives, He is able to work in us and through us, using us to be His light in this world.

This applies for worship leaders too. If God is in the centre of our hearts, and we are genuinely worshipping Him as our top priority, He will work through us in all the other challenges in worship, so that His name will be glorified through us.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Living the Cross Centred Life

I've just finished reading a book by C. J. Mahaney on "Living the Cross Centred Life". Its a great book which reminds and/or tells us that we must live every day of our lives in the light of the Cross that Jesus died on for us. We must begin each day of our lives at the foot of the Cross, remembering how significant the Cross is for us.

So many of us live our lives centred on a range of different things. It might not be evident at face value, but we centre things like academics/intelligence, sport, technology, celebrities, wealth, prosperity, work (secular and even ministry) and many other things. These 'distractions' take over our lives and fill up all of our minds, and we forget about the one thing that has saved us eternally from an eternity of separation, suffering and death.

This book has especially reminded me that everything we do in our lives, from church and ministry work to simply going to the shops, should reflect what Jesus has done for us on the Cross. For example, how does the Cross affect me when I play sport? How does the Cross affect me when I bump into an old primary school friend who I used to dislike? How does the Cross affect my language to my workmates?

I would recommend this book to any Christian who wants to be reminded of how to live a Christian life in this world where so many alternatives are pushed at us. It is also great for new Christians who want to find out more about how the Cross should affect your life.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thursday Lunch

I was really hungry during lunch today so I decided to go to maccas... unfortunately I got a bit too excited..

Sunday, March 01, 2009


Saw an office on my way home in the middle of the technology park surrounded by about 100 engineering firms, so I took a pic of it.

Ironic its situated in the middle of all the engineering firms ;)

Says a lot about them :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I feel the most drained in a while... both physically, mentally and emotionally...

For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Game of the Day

But wait... there was more to come...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Youth Ministry Tool Showcase

The Dating Suit

Ordering 30 of these for FiGS tomorrow.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Ten Things I wish I knew when I was 25"

Mark Driscoll is a pastor of Mars Hills Church in the States. He has become an influential and powerful preacher in the evangelical churches, and is one of the most sought after evangelical speakers today. I had the privelage to be at two of his talks in Sydney, at a RICE event last August.

Pastor Mark started his first church when he was 25, with no bible college training whatsoever. In this talk, Mark reflects and talks about ten things he wished he had known about ministry at that age.

1. I wish I knew the difference between Prophets, Priests and Kings
Jesus is a Prophet, a Priest and a King
- Prophet: preaches, teaches and rebukes according to the scriptures
- Priest: loving, forgiving and counselling
- King: organiser and builder of the church

For us
- Prophet: loves doctrine and preaching
- Priest: loves people and cares for them
- King: is an organiser, and a humble servant

2. I wish I knew that Satan, Demons and Judas's were real
Satan is real. Demons work in people. Satan will always try to accuse you (Rev. 12:10) and talk us down. There will always be enemies and people who betray you, but we just have to love them (love our enemies) as Jesus did.

3. There are rough patches in Ministry that you need to just live through
Just like life, there will be rough patches and troughs in ministry. We just have to live through them, and put on a 'stubbornness to not give up'. You can also see these times as a time where God is pruning you, and making you focus on Him, and getting ready for the future harvest.

4. I wish I would have known the power of silence and solitude
There are two types of people:

Activists - do, do, do
Contemplatives - quiet, prayerful, studious

We have to learn to both:

Ministry - time we give and do things
Silence and Solitude - time to meditate on Jesus and he sustains us and pours his word into us

5. I wish I knew that Humility is the Key to Ministry
Self Explanatory (Ref. to James 4:6, 1 Peter 5:5-6, Phil. 2)

6. I wish I knew that no-one else knew what they were doing
Most of us wish that there was someone who could tell us what to do, how to do it, and have all the answers for us in ministry. However, usually this is not the case. In one sense, all of us in ministry are pioneers. We all have our unique situation and unique ways of doing things. What we can do is to remember silence and solitude, to keep going back to Jesus, because he knows everything, and we must be in tune with Him to work His will in our ministry.

7. I wish I knew how to handle my critics
As a christian and being part of ministry, there will be people out to get you and criticise/accuse you of many things. Jesus Himself was criticised when He was on earth. We have to learn how to take criticism, decipher any truth in them (because criticism is usually based on some sort of truth), and to handle it in a loving and appropriate manner.

8. I wish I knew that sudden depression is normal and OK
Portions of Psalms and Lamentations are derived from 'lamenting' and times of depression. Many christian leaders (Charles Spurgeon, Luther) have gone through times of depression. When people are depressed, they cry, they're hurt and they grieve, but we must accept that we will become depressed in ministry, and we have to pick ourselves up. We're on God's side and He's always looking after us and looking out for us.

9. I wish I knew I needed a release valve and a lightning rod
Lightning rods ground lightning strikes. For us, this means that we need someone who we can release and pour out all the things we've been frustrated at/angered about/annoyed at/etc. to someone who will listen and just take it (obviously not taking anything physically). A release valve is just something that we can we can take time to get our mind off things and have fun. Hobbies/interests/sport and other things are release valves, and we must keep our release valves acceptable, healthy and unsinful.

10. I wish I knew about the Ministry of the Holy Spirit
Regeneration - we have a new heart (spiritually)

Doctrine of Regeneration:
- A new identity: We are a child of God and part of His family
- A new status: We are justified, saved and made Holy

The Desires from the Holy Spirit:
- It implants loving thoughts into our minds and hearts
- It guides us and speaks to us so that we may do God's Will

I hope these 10 points will spark thoughts in your minds and encourage you in your ministry.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Koorong Item of the Day

Yes its what the world of worship has been waiting for.... DANCE PRAISE 2... sequel to the arcade hit DANCE PRAISE featuring hits such as ONE WAY and MIGHTY TO SAVE!

Look at the intensity on the dancing mat!!! Worship God in heavy mode!!!

And look what we have here.... the Planetshakers, Sovereign Grace, Steve Curtis Chapman and the SuperchicK expansion... YAY!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Work life begins (temporarily)

Starting work today for my 10 months work experience. Feeling tired and looking ahead to meetings and stuff on every night also.

Doing some non-paid work experience while I wait for a paying job, so if you want to shout me food and stuff, be my guest :)

If I can't find work in the next two weeks.... might think about bible college this year.... any thoughts?

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Age, Maturity and Respect

For the past 4 years I've had this on and off battle with supposedly not earning the respect from my peers... probably because of my age and their perception of my maturity. I've tried so hard from being a leader at youth group to participants older than me, to coordinating and youth group and also various other worship and youth teams, to learn to change from an immature 17 year old to what I think is a much more mature 20 year old (who still sees the light-heartedness of life).

But... this issue keeps resurfacing....

I've come to realise after being told on countless occasions by my elders that being old doesn't necessarily mean being mature, and that someone can still be young and act in a way which others can respect. My question is: Even if you show you are mature and that you have changed, can people change their thoughts and stereotype about you and translate that into the way they view and act towards you? Or will people just carry on, keep singling you out for everything, and viewing you as the one who doesn't know anything.

I guess the only thing I can do on my part is to keep running the race, with my eyes fixed on Jesus.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The 'Feel Good' Story of the Aussie Open

Jelena Dokic has had to suffer so much over the past years...

- Australian player with Serbian decent
- Outspoken father who said and did many crazy things which marred her career

However she has made a big impression on the Tennis scene in her career...

- peaked in 2002 ranked at world #4
- beaten top players such as Martina Hingis, Kim Clijsters, Venus Williams and Justin Henin

I was watching her game against Kleybanova last night, and it was great watching Dokic play with a 'never give up' style against her much younger and higher ranked opponent. I'm sure she's used to being booed and having people make nasty comments at her, but last night's game was definitely not like that. The crowd was totally behind her... especially through the final set as the game was in the balance. The crowd seemed to be willing her on to win, to give it her all, and Dokic lifted to finally outplay her opponent 8-6 in the third set. Dokic has some way to improve to be in top form (i.e. 10+ double faults and a weak forehand) but she is giving it her all, she doesn't have a crazy father overshadowing her and she can let her game and her attitude do the talking. She thoroughly deserved her win and all the cheers and applauses from the Melbourne crowd. Go the Dokic fist pump!