Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Busy Holidays

Hmmm... this holidays is so packed and busy!
1. Gold Coast Open
It was a really good tournament... even though I bombed out on some events. Played really well generally and came 2nd in C Mens Doubles and lost in the semi-finals of B Mens Doubles. Mixed doubles.... results weren't great... but I think i played really well in CXD and so did Sandy (accuracy!) and BXD wasn't that bad considering both of us were injured... 2 close games and one crap one (which i injured my hip a bit). Singles for B and C were bad resultwise, but I had bad luck in C... first round against the runner-up (wasted first set and 21-17 in 2nd set) and then nearly beat the winner of the consolation (31-28). B singles was same story as C first round, but i could've won the 2nd set... but i played well so thats good :). Thank you to Jeff, Elaine, Sally, Sandy, Bob, Tom, Sharon, Ben and anyone else who was bumming around with me down at the coast. You guys rock!
2. Figs Camp
figs camp was looking bad when there was less than 20 forms in... but nowww... A MASSIVE 31 regos! Its crazy!?!? I've been resorting transport and groups and everything out the past day. Its looking really really good this year :) so happy. Still feel a bit sad and sorry for those who can't come for wateva reason... i know some of you really want to come... :( will miss you guys.
3. World Cup
A sad end to the Aussies who should have won their game against Italy. The Socceroos' world cup has been marred by referee errors and dubious decisions from start (Nakamura's goal) to finish (Grossi dive/tripped himself on an innocent Neill for Totti to convert at the penalty spot). The Aussies played well and deserve immense praise from the footballing world.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Worst Draw Ever.

*sigh* I have the worst GC open draw in the world -_____-. First is BMS... this draw isn't too bad... okay first round... second round with kenny if i get through. Then its CMD... i thought this would be my good event, BUT they decided to make it groups and put me with the UQ people -_________- its not good... will be an entertaining match but my hopes aren't that high. What's more is that i only get 2 games or 3 max because i'm in a group of 3 instead of 4. Worst ever draw is BXD. Not because of my partner.... even though didn't really want to be with her (lol no offence) but the OPPOSITION! crazy crazy crazy opponents. Come and you'll see. I'm scared :( oh well.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Simple yet so Complex

In the 40 buildings I have to memorise for my one exam, the building pictured above is probably one of my favourites. Its a design by Le Corbusier called Maison Domino. When I first saw it, I thought it was just a normal building frame.... but when we learnt more about this design, it was clear that it was different. This is one of the prototype designs for modern buildings. Concrete structure is used, the floorspace isn't bound by walls, the posts are not at the edge of the floorspace, and the space is of a free form as opposed to being dependant on the structure. This was a turning point in architecture, and this design, in its simplicity, explains the new, complex and radical movement towards modernism.

This year, I/we have likened many characteristics discussed in a building to the characteristics of a person. For example, every building has a context, background and experience. Every person comes from a different background and is in a different part of their life, and is experiencing different things to other people. I think the phrase 'simple yet so complex' applies to humans too. We see heaps of people every day, and we just take them for what we see of them. Yet, each and every person has their own mind, their own thoughts and their own feelings. Every person is going through their own ups and downs, their own rollercoaster, but do we recognise that? As a building has a facade, so does a person. I guess the moral is you shouldn't think that everyone is cruising in life, because its often the opposite. Sometimes its good just to be a bit more careful in things you say and do, and also to help those in difficulties. And the best thing is to make them =)!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Hello World Cup

Indeed the world cup has begun! Joshi fell asleep 30 minutes into the first game -____- and has not watched a game since saturday morning *sigh*

The last few days have been crazy... Friday and saturday were finishing assignment... friday night and saturday morning was world cup... got home at 4 20am!?!?! Saturday 3pm was euan's house warming thingo... was really really fun! and got home at about 10 to enter GC open discussion. Final verdict = josh has to find someone to room with... or pay crazy accommadation rates.
Sunday = lead service and one of the songs were so high that I totally died -__-... but otherwise it was pretty good ^_____^ ... bummed around (well.. it was a meeting) at Onie's lil house then it was off to the 6:30 service to do an interview for figs.
I finally put my entry into GC open! I'm so gonna DIE! All B and C events... yes... even singles... i'm gonna get murdered in B singles, but hopefully i'll get better in singles cos I find it much more fun and interesting these days.
Oh well... good luck in exams for those who have some left... and *poke* for everyone who's finished exams ^_^

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Idea of North

Yesterday the "Oldies" and me went to watch The Idea of North at the powerhouse. Tickets were a cheap $15 bucks..... however I got free tickets since I'm a net bum and replied to their complementary free seats before other people :P It was a really good show... besides a video camera on a huge metal arm swinging around the stage and on top of the audience. The Idea of North is an a-capella group featuring a bass, tenor, alto and soprano. They do all sorts of music styles. Their best song last night was a rendition of "Fields of Gold", and the funniest were "Staying Alive" and their fast lyricing song to a jazz tune (forgot what it was called). Also they made us singing "She's so Lovely" in 3 parts... and as usual it was really fun^^.

After the concert we tracked back to get some food... someone decided to go to this 'middle-eastern' restaurant... and had turkish bread with dips, turkish pizza, kebab meat, and other random and nice stuff! funniest moment was when a police car parked next to a bus stop and jay-walked across the road... cars stopped thinking they did something wrong hehe. THEN a bus pulled up and couldnt fit into the bus stop properly... and we dashed to get a piccy of it to send to the police dep. but... we were too slow :( On the way home was a good time to rest.... after a few minutes of rash driving by 'he who must not be named' .

1. The idea of north with me, sel and amy at AGMF
2. my updated design :P

Saturday, June 03, 2006

A Semester of Design

Project 1: Design an exhibit for an Artefact in the UQ campus (3 weeks, 23%)

Project 2: Design an Office space for two architects (4 weeks, 27%)

Project 3: Design a Research Centre for two people in Mt Cootha (7 weeks, 50%)