Monday, July 30, 2007

Jaywalking in Bris - News Report

Jaywalkers in Brisbane could lose demerit points from their driver's licence and face increased fines under a new proposal being put forward by police.

Under the proposal, pedestrians who disobey traffic signs such as "don't walk" will lose a point from their own driver's licence.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

1/4 Way Mark

It feels so bad... I still have 4.5 years until I graduate! People say I could've done Med, or something better than Achitecture... but I have to say that behind the time commitment, the subjective-ness of the course, and the cost from all the utensils we need... the course is finally beginning to feel must more interesting! Its funny how today, as the new semester began, we all have this new-found 'passion' or interest in architecture... when we've been bludging or whinging for the past 18 months.

A month of work experience has really opened my eyes to the reality of what I might be doing later on. Not really looking forward to the overtime and stress involved with that, but the designing and creative flair involved seems really interesting! Imagine walking around the city looking at a beautiful building and saying "I made that thing look good!"

Well, a new semester has begun. 13 weeks of pain and stress, but ultimately, it feels like it will be an enjoyable semester of learning, applying our creativity and logic, and ultimately, providing eye catching designs to 'wow' everyone! GO GO GO!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Growing up...

Its quite funny how everything lately has been reminding me of such a simple and logical, yet amazing and surprising thing - we're growing up! Faces I remember from primary and high school are now older, maturer, and wiser. Even the 'older' faces are getting older and busier! No longer do we waste time playing games etc. around the clock... everyone is so busy in their own ways, and life is just swallowing us all up! Its so awesome just to have some time that we can catch up with those people that are close to us. Time that we can stop and just relax with our friends, have a laugh, do stuff together, and enjoy the time that we have.

Time is always ticking... one day we'll all have full time jobs, be married, have kids and all those things to make us busy, but the thing we have to hold on to are our close friends, who will be there to make us smile, give us a laugh, and to enjoy fellowship together.