Friday, June 22, 2007

Unity - Literal or Metaphor

There's been a lot of discussion lately about the idea of unity and 'one church' at SDBC, and it has brought issues up such as the chinese/english church, different services, different home groups, and different youth activities just as examples. The push is for all these activities, meetings, and groups to be united as one church - this was supposed to be demonstrated in events such as combined services. There's been many pushing and pulling and re-organising happening, but my question is: is it really necessary?

I've been part of SDBC for 11 years now... and no one can doubt that I am a part of SDBC. I've been active in many different areas of the church, and i do feel very much united as a part of SDBC. Do i feel united in these big church events - the answer is yes, of course. Its awesome seeing everyone together as one big group. BUT, is that the only way to feel united - the answer to me is no. I feel united as part of SDBC with my fellow SDBC members because I know that we are all on the same path, to the same direction, and with the same common purpose. Maybe it is good to have big gathering events once in a while, but it isn't the be all and end all of being united. I may have a different interest to the bloke sitting at the back of the church, or the guys that go to different services - and this is where the small groups come in. Unity doesn't mean we all have to be together all the time and every time. We need to have the same purpose and common goal - that is the key of unity to me.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Taming the Tongue

Today's service was named "taming the tongue". The truths from the sermon are so true and applicable to anyone and everyone. The tongue... though such a small part of a person, says a lot about the person. It has the power to bless, and to curse. When uncontrolled, the tongue can be sharper than any sword.

The video clip before the sermon was very powerful... countless words... infinite hours of work... everything thats been done, can be undone by one word.

We have to be in control of what we say. We have to tolerate others, and speak truth in love. There's no more rejection than being criticised openly by others. One word can change lives.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

What's left in life?

I'm in an assessment mood. Around me, everyone is madly rushing and studying to achieve their so called "perfection" or however close they will get to it. However, I'm just sitting here, wondering... what's left in life, when things drive you to be a monotonous workaholic?

I'm a firm believer of work, rest, and play. I'm Asian. I grew up with parents, who, ironically are teachers and now tutors, who were always on my back, screaming and shouting and telling me to study my brains off, or my future will be gone. It's probably true, that if u have no work ethic, you're probably stuffed for the future, but to me, work isn't the centre of life. Some would say "but josh.. you're smart! we're not!" or "yeah we know you're smart josh"... but that isn't the point. If work was the centre of life... what would the world look like? It would probably look like one of those gloomy factories that boring engineers work at. Everyone just standing looking at the production line... waiting to do their job. It would look like a computer... like a robot... like a machine.

If work is the central part of your life, I think you've totally misunderstood. Work is a part of life, yes. To most, its an important part of life. If life was a machine, where would the laughter be? how would you find your close friends? where would you see the beautiful smiles on people's faces? where would you find time to relax? to rest? to play?

Keep your balance. Know what life is all about. Then, you will be truly satisfied.