Saturday, September 05, 2009

Leadership and Direction

One thing that is very common in group situations between the secular and christian world is the need for strong leadership and direction. It is evident in almost all situations:

- Work (Boss)
- Church (Pastoral Team)
- Ministries (Director/Chairman/Coordinator)
- Marriages (Husband!)
- Group Projects (The most talkative person)
- Sports (Captain)

It is quite easy to notice how well the group is working together and if they are achieving their goals or not, and I must admit a great deal of the success of the group is dependant on the type of leader the group has.

A strong leader is someone that people can follow. Someone who has a vision and can also implement strategies to move towards that vision. He brings a team together and leads by example. There are so many classic examples in history, but the best example is Jesus. He was a man people would follow - for one reason or another. He had a clear mission, He brought His 'team' together and He led by example, living the perfect life and serving all those around Him.

We need strong leaders in our Church today - people who can lead God's people, bring them together as one body of Christ, and be clear and focused on the mission of spreading the Gospel message.

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