Sunday, July 30, 2006

Chinese Tradition?

Ever since I went back to malaysia in the beginning of the year, I've watched a handful of chinese comedy/romance genre movies, sometimes with friends or other times on recommendation... just to waste time or learn/get used to mandarin/cantonese... and I can see an obvious pattern in all this... is it how a typical chinese relationship goes???

1. Guy sees Girl
2. Girl goes away (95% is probably girl dying actually )
3. Guy gets reminded of girl and realises that he's in love with her
4. Girl comes back temporarily
5. Guy + Girl together for a short time
6. Girl goes away forever
7. Girl leaves reminder (letter or something) for guy to understand how the girl enjoyed the time with him.
8. Guy is sad at circumstances but happy to have met the girl, and sees life in a better way

If this is the case in chinese culture.... this must be very shocking at the very least... Chinese culture must be full of girls dying, heartbroken guys, and girls resurrecting/reincarnating for a short while ... *sigh* why can't people come up with a better plot for movies. This is a really random post... just wanted to say that :P

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Two days and already behind

Monday was the first day of uni for the new semester.... not used to the early mornings... i woke up at 7:15 after numerous loud alarms (which is very unlike me...) and was late out of the house... luckily i got two buses (160 and 407) which were just about to leave and therefore i ogt to uni on time. We have a new lecture room today... and i found out that it is on the other side of the uni from the architecture block... and is a VET lecture theatre -__- stupid architecture lecturers making us walk 4230320m for a lecture... and we were also locked out of the lecture room for 20 minutes because of some security reason. This semester's theme is 'Threshold' which is an area which separates and joins two places. Our first exercise was to make a montage/collage which describes a 'reading' (which was about a place with two descriptions, and we had to think of the 'in between' area). The task was due for presentation at 3pm. I left at 1pm so :P lazy me... i should start staying hehe. Yeah met up with some friends at uni... went to city and wandered about... with some high school memories flooding back *cough*myercentre*cough* and un-lonered some friends on their way home... bummed at plaza and yeah~
Tuesday was a similar story... had a 10am start at the studio... we had a new exercise, of designing a room with two parts and a threshold in between, simulating the ideas of the readings we did on monday... it was pretty hard thinking of an idea... but i finally got one. It was 12 noon and 3pm was the presentation again. Looking around the studio, i realised no one had started, so again... i left early :P and apparently i didn't miss out on that much hehe. went to friends place to have the supposedly 'final games' of soccer (WE10) on ps2, and then played some basketball with friends + random people (one of them was like 2m tall -____-) and went home to conclude another day of 'uni'

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Well.. i just got home from playing a 4.5hr game of risk:lotr edition. Me and Tom and the might of the Nazgul took on the power of the Men of Gondor (aaron and jeff). The game was very intense for all 4.5hrs... and ended when the ring was found in Osgiliath (near Minas Tirith) by me :). The irony was that we had such an intense game going, just for me to roll a 6 + 5 to find the ring (you need double 6's normally, but i had my troops in Osgiliath at the time so i got -1 bonus!) It was also Jeff's turn next, and as it turned out, he had a pretty good plan up his sleeve. It seems such a waste that all that 4.5hr of battle was decided by a lucky roll of the dice, and that things can change for so much better in an instant! This kinda translates directly into life... 13 weeks of hardcore study all tested by one exam (however lucky or unlucky you are...), 6 years of university just for the day you get your degree, 20+ years of a single life changed by the decision of marriage, the list goes on and on! There's always a crunch time for all your work/time invested in the thing. The risk factor that goes into it is how the decision goes... you can be lucky or ride on your luck to a good ending or have a bad day and have a bad ending. So many events/decisions in life involve risk and timing/luck and can change your life in an instant!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

New Joshi Family Member!

Some may remember about twelve months ago we had the first induction into the joshi family...
Hebe! Out of Hebe came fine melodies and harmonies... the quality of the sound obviously matched the strong physical presence of this magnificent masterpiece.

Now comes a new christening into the Joshi family! The new member is *drumrolls*...
JOA!!! the zippy blue corolla... sleek and eye-catching design... with a hardworking engine (and 6 speaker stereo) to match! JOA has a great expectation to live up to... being adopted into the noble Joshi family... but she will undoubtly deliver in due time.

Also... we have a new mascot for the Joshi family...

Yes indeed the awesome Dormitory boys!!! The best lip-syncers on the planet with the funniest expressions ever! The guy on the left actually reminds me of Don from church hehehe. is a very very funny video clip so if you haven't seen it its worth a look :)

Monday, July 10, 2006


I remember the day we first met
Two months and three days ago
I knew you were different, special, unique…
And I didn’t want to let you go

Your presence, your smile, your laugh
Created complete chaos in my mind
It was like a distant dream come true
I’d found life’s find.

I don’t want to let you go
Never let you disappear
I’ll protect you like a priceless treasure
Won’t let you shed a tear.

Every day I’ll tell you
That you mean the world to me
I just wish for the future
Will we really be…

Will we really be together?
As the story begins to unfold
Will our relationship last forever?
Like in the fairytales we were once told.

I wish, I hope, I long
For the day when finally
I can tell you just one more time
That we will be for eternity.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Change?

A few days ago I was walking up the stairs from badminton and mum suddenly said: "Hey Josh... you're smiling for once! It's like the first time I've ever seen u like that for ages!" The fact was I didn't even know I was smiling... but it's definately something different. Normally at home, I am either expressionless or always gloomy, but now it seems like it's not the case. I dunno what sparked it... maybe its because I'm 18? or maybe because I just don't worry much anymore. But either way, it seems like a good change. I remember certain people have always told me to smile. Also I know of other people who just always have a smile on their faces... and it brings so much joy seeing them go about their lives in such happiness. Is their face the truth? Or is it just a facade for a depressed soul? For me, I can honestly say that I am happy in my life. Past worries and memories don't seem like a burden on me, and present and future worries... I will take them as they come and go. I feel like there isn't much to fear anymore. Just smile and be a happy person ^^ It will not only affect me, but will bring one more happy person into the world =P

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Figs Camp + more

Again the annual figs camp took place... for the first time by ourselves. A new location, a new speaker, a new topic... everything was new this time around! I took the role of co-ordinator again, and on my part, i thought it was an awesome camp! We had 30 people on camp, which was abut 10 more than original expectation. The trip up to the coast was safe... and was amusing due to our walkie talkies :). At one stage we had the brisbane bus lines on our channel, and another stage we had michael buble singing hehe. We got there to find E and S uncharacteristically early! We had a nice rest and woke up to a beautiful saturday morning. Going into the first session, some people were a bit uneasy at the topic, and this was frustrated by a certain cable (the laptop to projector cable) gone missing! Then we saw a black volvo zooom out and come back 20 minutes later with cables in his hand. First session was really good. We talked about Love and how love is from God, and it requires commitment and the ultimate act of love was of Jesus coming to earth to die for our sins. The second session was about dating. There were interesting points that came out of this session for some people, and if you want to know more, talk to me personally :) After lunch we had crazy/tiring games. Just before sunset some of us walked to the beach and had some relaxing time. After dinner was skits..... and the standout was Mr Fart detective aka Will hehe. Sunday morning brought the session of Marriage... where half of the younger kids tuned out... in truth it was a good session. Then we had a discussion panel, clean up, lunch and a massive photo/relaxing time. After many goodbye's our four car touring party started home. Winding down the coastal plains to the inland highway, that concluded the best figs camp i've been on :)