Wednesday, February 22, 2006

bye bye Holidays... Hello Uni!

It's been such a long and eventful holiday that I've somewhat become accustomed to this time of no real structure, heaps of suprises, being flat out busy without any schoolwork weighing down on me and at times feeling that i have no purpose in life. This is the time i work out that i reach my maximum potential in life when everything is choc-a-block and i have to do things by a certain time, or else i die.

These last few days I've met up with all my old friends, and also met some new friends, which is just an awesome feeling. These people come from all nationalities, have different interests and beliefs, yet we can still be such a close group, its just a miracle! Yes, sometimes we do exploit our differences (We paid out one of our friends (a guy) for choosing nursing in uni) but its just makes the world such a better place with all our differences.

Also been watching some asian movies over the past few weeks. WHY does every asian romance movie involve someone dieing in the beginning or before the setting of the film!?!?! Oh well... watched some really good movies, which carry some real truths. One of the things that are foregrounded is that when someone gets a 'second chance' in seeing a loved one, they always make the most of this opportunity because they realise that they did not give enough attention or show how much they love their loved one in their 'first chance'. The reality is that we only get one chance in this world to show how much we appreciate or love someone, and I reckon we should always tell someone how much you love, like or appreciate them!

Uni is coming up next week... I think the past 3 months has acclimatised myself into acknowledging that I am now a uni student. I have a life ahead of me, that everything i have done in the past 18 years has prepared me for. Now it is time to stop autopilot, grab the steering wheel, and pray that God will look after me!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Poem dedicated to all of my migrating friends

This poem i wrote in 5 mins flat is especially dedicated to my best friend since grade 5, Shannon, who is leaving to Melbourne on saturday for uni. Also this poem is dedicated to all my other friends migrating for uni or to get away from me or whatever.


We’re standing on the crossroads,
A place I never thought I’d be.
All of our childhood memories
Suddenly rush back through me.

I remember the day we first met,
When you were young and naïve,
We’d always be there for each other
And I never thought you’d leave.

The days we just teased each other
And played our childish games,
I never thought this time would end
But now I can only visit it in memory lane.

Now we are standing at the crossroads
And it’s almost time to part,
But no matter where you are
You will always be in my heart.

by Joshi~

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Valentines... Real or Overrated?

Yes... the best day of the year, or the most depressing day of the year, of just another day.... has passed once again. This day has caused a stir among people: Is Valentines day a stunt by retailers and florists for more cash, and a public stunt to get people who usually are shy or embarassed, to give to the one they love, OR is it a lovely day where lovers do wonderful things for each other? Well... I believe it can be both! When i went to the florist on monday to buy a valentines gift for someone, I noted how inflated the prices were! They were absolutely crazy, although the rose looked awesome~ There were even packages for roses which cost a few hundred bucks! On the actual day, I saw heaps of restaurants jam packed full of couples having their nice lunch/dinner together. And guess what.. they slap an extra 10-20% on the normal charge! Also, i saw my friend who normally doesn't give stuff to people usually or at valentines, give TWO valentines presents! I think that if you loved someone, you'd prepare to give them gifts any time, just for a little suprise or whatever, but some guys just wait and wait til valentines to give gifts to their friends/loved ones.
At the same time, i think valentines can be a great day for couples and friends! Whats better than spending a day out with your good friends/loved ones and maybe being childish and having a nice candlelight dinner :) Valentines day shows everyone how much love there is in the world, amid the wars and troubles in this day and age.
For me, Valentines was an awesome day, not just because it was Valentines. I had lunch with a friend, then dropped off a rose at another friend's place, then went and watched the VB cricket finals with Jan, Wazza and Onie! Some desperate people sent valentines greetings via banners i.e. "Sorry hon, We'll do dinner next year" (there won't be a next year mate) and my friend wanted to put "Murali will you be my Valentine?" on a banner! oh well it was fun! Hope everyone had an awesome Valentines!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Is a steinway worth buying?

Yes everybody... The real and original debate is "Is a Steinway worth buying?" For thsoe who don't know, Steinway is the best (i think) piano maker company things, and their pianos apparently are really really good. Their best piano is very exxy though.... about 500 grand i hear. Anyway, we had a debate on sunday which started with this question.

Yes, this is a steinway.... will cost u 500 grand...

My opinion: What a waste of money. Even if I was a pro pianist and i was filthy rich, I would not buy this Piano. Then I'd have to buy some land and build an elliptical room to hold this thing to make the piano sound the best it can be.... which will set me off another 400 grand or so... so the real price tag of this piano is roughly $1 million AU.

Ok.. and the Debate went on... and we started comparing my friend buying a piano to me buying a car. If you think about it, He likes playing pianos, I like driving cars, so its a similar issue. A piano of this price can only be appreciated with a great pianist and by listening to it. A car, acts as a transport, and an expensive car is an engineering masterpiece, an art and design masterpiece, has its luxuries, and even with all these can be purchased for under 100 grand. Bt for the sake of mentioning it.... Look at this beautiful car....

Sleek, Stylish, Simply Stunning.

If you gave me the option to buy a Steinway ($500 grand, up to $1 million) or this Porsche 911 Carrera ($200 grand), and I had to pick one, I will definately go for the Porsche 911 Carrera. If i want to listen to steinway music, I will buy a CD with some Grand Piano Master guy playing for 20 bucks and put it into my crazy sound system in my Carrera and i will get to listen to Steinway quality piano too! Wat a bargain! and then I can buy a cheap Yamaha grand piano and i can play a piano too!! wat a bargain :)

Who wants a boring black piano for $1 mill when you can buy a Porsche Carrera for $200 grand!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Reflection: December - January

These past two months have been a roller coaster ride for me... highs and lows everywhere.. and a new change in life for the better :)

The longest holiday in my life so far has paid some dividends and had some consequences... lots of fun, rest and bumming around... while spent a lot of cash, gained a bit of weight, and haven't found a job yet :(

The best part of this holidays was to go back to malaysia and meet my reles, go shopping where everything is cheap, and to check out how my home is hanging. It was there when i also realised how important my family and friends are to me... without them i'd be a stranger in the world, and no one likes to be alone... While i was there, I witnessed my cousin's marriage, which was a high point, and my Uncle's funeral, which was a low point, which overshadowed the new years celebrations. His last words to me were 'I am very happy.' He was happy with what he had done throughout his life, and that his last week on earth was surrounded by all of his family and relatives. He was also happy because he was looking forward to life in heaven. Other memorable points of this trip were visiting my birthplace :), going to the tip of Borneo :), lots of shopping in KL :P, heaps of food, and seeing S.H.E (HEBE!!!!) in KL :)

When i came back here, it was busy as! QYC camp in currimundi, lots of friends to meet up with, got my enrolment to UQ (Architecture. yay!!), Reles visiting, and shannon's suprise 18th :P

Now I'm looking forward to Uni and all the suprises these next few years hold. Also, have to say goodbye to heaps of my friends who have/are going overseas and interstate for uni. I promise all u guys i will visit u sometime :) Keep in touch everyone while we can....