Sunday, January 14, 2007

2007... the busy year...

Its just the second week of the new year, and its been so busy already! So much has happened... good and bad... especially in the past week, and right now I'm so tired I just wanna sleep forever! Well... lets see what I've done so far this year...

  • picnic at Roma St.
  • Dinner with friends at home
  • lan party
  • shannon's place
  • badminton mornings x 4
  • sunday 4hrs badminton
  • 8hr figs meeting
  • job interview
  • started new job, quit another
  • worked 22hrs in 3 consecutive days
  • went fishing and got a crazy arm tan

Got home from fishing yesterday at 5 and looked in the mirror to see a huge arm tan and a strip of neck tan. SIGH... as if i'm not tanned enough!! Fell asleep last night at just after 10 while i was reading... *yawnnn*

woooww... so much has happened! more than i thougght too... and its just 2 weeks into the year. Who knows what good and bad things are around the corner... lets just hope that there's more good than bad huh? Either way... it must be an omen that 2007 will be a busy year!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Tech

I've been browsing around while at work... looking at some new technology out there... and this is what I have found so far:

-Corsair Dominator RAM... with its own fan!!!

-Carbon fibre Computer case (wow... light! and expensive too!)

-Iphone (apple's new phone... too bad its not as good as the other brands)