Saturday, July 30, 2005

Busy Busy Busy...

today was so busy.... and im still sick :(

day started off at about 9 15 when i got woken up by parents hanging out the clothes...

went out to meet a friend at9 30 til 11

went to friends house to play soccer until 12 30

got home at 1, started assignment at 2

went to church at 3 30

music practice til 6 30

figs activity 7 to 10

minor accident in game at about 9 30 which required some medical attention... hope hes ok

someone lost their car keys at 10.... had to look all over church

got home at 10 30

finish assignment all night

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Josh's house ideas (very biased)

For graphics... we have to design a house... heres just some of my whacky yet funny ideas

  • swimming pool with dive board "Ben Kennedy Dive Board" (for those who don't know, Ben Kennedy is a NSW rugby player who 'dived' or faked an injury in the stae of origin)
  • Wally Lewis Statue (its going to be 'borrowed' from suncorp stadium :P... note the ' ' )
  • blue carpet (walk all over the blues)
  • Maroon roof (maroons on top)
  • Bradd Fitler toilets (special toilets which carry the name of one of the most hated NSW players)
  • a lift (for comfort and ease)
  • a walkalator (to get from the front of the house to the back of the house without any hassle)
  • 3.5 metre tv with 9.1 home theatre system
  • swimming pool has retractable depth system ( i think i invented it..... unless someone has already patented it... so i guess i wont say more unless you ask me :P)

yes.... very interesting house.... it will be finished in 1 week :P

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Christians... but not Christians

When I look around myself, i know many non-christian people, and also many christian people. But there's something I don't get: some of those christians are just christians by name, non christians by faith. They all say they are christian, and sometimes even boast or try to evangelise, but if you look at their lives, you cannot see any christian example. I know that God forgives their sins and wrong doing, but the thing is that i doubt their conversion to begin with. They swear, they put God's name in vain, they act probably worse than non-christians at times, but then they say they are Christians. Their priorities must be mixed up in some way, and peer pressure is probably a big influence in their lives. These people must nudged back into the correct path somehow, before the devil can utilise this potential spiritual weapon.
Christians have been severely marginalised and stereotyped in the modern world. The concept of christianity has been stained by those who are not putting God as their first priority, and this adds to the misconception of the only true God in the universe. It is my personal desire to correct this misconception, and to tell the world that christianity isnt a bunch of crazy people who desire rules and regulations which make life boring and not worth living.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Random stuff...

I finished reading harry potter 6 yesterday... its quite an awesome book! JK Rowling must be such a great writer... everything just flows so well, and she only gives away what she needs to, and does not spoil any ending. Because of this excessive reading, my neck is so sore that its not funny.
This morning, i had the first assessment of the term... stupid graph sketching exam for maths b. Its so ridiculous, and we werent allowed calculators!!! My key to getting good marks... my CASIO!!!! anyway, i did pretty good i think, had to scribble in the graph in about 3 seconds because i wasted about 5 minutes staring at my answer until it finally clicked.
Im getting an award at assembly this wednesday! my first academic that i've got in 4 years. I reckon i should've got one each year, but i seem to slack off a lot in the first semester. At least now i know where i stand op and rank wise. need to improve a bit to get that elusive op2 :(. sigh more work... better get going.

Monday, July 11, 2005


I was just wondering to myself how much friends mean to me, and i cannot really fathom where i'd be without my friends. I wouldnt say my family is very good at communication, especially when i have an older brother 11 years older than me, and parents at retirement age. We always get caught up in silly disputes, and i wouldnt say my relationship with my brother is good. I don't think i've had a conversation with him in my life. My parents are very old fashioned, and they are against technology (always find something bad to say about it) so i get chucked into stupid arguments. I get really depressed and fell quite lonely at home. I always wish that i could have someone to talk to, someone that really cared about me and could at least show it in some way. I wanted to find friends who i could relate to, play around with, and have fun with. Just seeing these type of people in my life puts a smile on my face.
Since about two years ago, its been getting better, one step at a time. i stumbled on a new group of friends at youth group, and all of them made me feel welcome. Some of them, whom i've become great friends with, have changed my life in massive proportions. This also impacted my school friends. I have found my true friends among my school friends. There may not be a lot of them, but its better than having a group of 'fake' friends.
Without this change in my life, i cannot really think where i'd be. Its a blessing to know that i have people who truly care for me and encourage me through the good and the bad times.
A smile on your face can almost bring tears of joy in my eyes.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Where's the Security?

Following on my previous entry, I'd like to express my utter concern for the security of Australia. Because of our 'close alliance' with the US, and continuing support on the 'war on terror', Australia is becoming more and more insecure. After 9 11, Bali, Madrid, and now London, it is not a matter of if, but more when. The heart of the political world was hit first. Then the prime holiday destination of the western world was hit. Now arguably the most prominent historic and modern city is hit. America, Asia, and Europe has been bombarded. It's obvious there's one more piece to this global 'puzzle' of terror.

Even after recognising this, the measures of security in Australia as compared to London or NY are considerably less. Hypothetically looking at Brisbane, there is barely any security on public transport. Brisbane is the second largest city in the world (not population wise, but some comparison i read), with a lot of public transport. But there is no security on most of them. When i first caught the train, i thought there would be a ticket guy or someone checking things. However, i was wrong. Anyone can walk in with a suspicious bag, without any type of check whatsoever. Buses don't have a way to determine if a bus has been hijacked until it misses a few stops or loops, and that will be too late. I heard that the bridges on the brisbane river are a prime target to cause maximum chaos. if they were knocked out somehow, brisbane would be in disarray.

I'm not saying that brisbane is going to be the next target, but i'm saying that, quite frankly, brisbane's security is crap, and so is every city except for maybe sydney.
In this hopeless world, we must be vigilant, and always on high alert. Also, we must remember that God is always in control. His plan cannot be fathomed, and cannot be stopped by mere mortals.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Pray for London

I got home from watching Fantastic Four at about 10 30pm last night. I was feeling pretty good, beacuse the movie was better than I thought. I was thinking of heading straight to the sack. When I walked up the stairs, my parents asked if i had heard anything on the news. I said no, then i was told of these london bombings. First thoughts: "You gotta be joking...". I ran to my trusty computer and watched some news reports. Second thoughts: " Not again..." This definately was not an accident. London just won the 2012 bid. Its the 7th of the 7th. The bombs were planted in perfect coordination (a few were detontated when two trains passed each other, to cause maximum impact). The bus was to show that this was not a malfunction, and to give a physical reminder of the terror. All this planning and coordination, for such a ruthless attack... makes me feel so disgusted.
Please take a few moments from your busy lives, and pray for London. Pray that God will work through this chaos, because He is in control of everything.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

OK... But maybe not...

I'm becoming sick and tired, seeing and experiencing people saying or putting themselves into something, but not following it through. I don't know if its just me, but people seem to do that involuntarily, not even thinking about the responsibility they have put themselves into when they made the initial agreement.
The first time i experienced this was when some friends at school decided to start a band for the multicultural assembly. When i asked them all, they agreed to join, and initially agreed on the song. The first few practices were muck around, and when we were supposed to get serious (4 weeks before the assembly and 1 week before auditions) they all dropped out because they didnt like the song and they didnt want to get so serious.
The more recent one really is a debate about priorities. But just let me say this: I have been part of the Worship team for more than 18 months, and in those 18 months i have always been reminded that i chose to be part of the team. Being in the team there are some rights and responsibilities. I don't ask for many days to be rostered, but i seem to be on the front every sunday because i'm probably filling in for people, and the roster for me is pretty hectic. That's a responsibility i have to do, unless i am prevented to do it i.e. im sick or out of town.
Some people don't recognise what responsibility is, until it hits them in the face. I'm only asking for people to remind themselves of the things they put themselves into, and either carry them out, or provide sufficient reasoning to prove they can't do it.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Proof that Joshi is NOT evil...

After months of criticism that Joshi is evil, Joshi has decided to use his mathematical mind and logical thinking to prove that he is NOT evil:

Since Joshi is not a girl

Therefore Joshi does NOT equal evil

Therefore Joshi is NOT evil!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Christening of "Hebe"

Thursday 30th June 6:26pm: We have the christening of the new member of the Josh Tan family... the magnificent Yamaha Guitar... and the KORG tuner!
First the fresh-smelling guitar was taken out of the bag by joshi. Joshi and pRoXi marvelled at that beautiful looking guitar for a whole minute or two. Then the trial runs by joshi and pRoXi.
First song played by josh tan and pRoXi: Romance. Verdict: Absolutely beautiful!
Second trial song: Everyday. Verdict: too good!
for the tuner christening... Joshi held the plastic bag while pRoXi pulled the tuner out (of its former life of sin and darkness, doing nothing in the box :P).
Trial run of the KORG tuner: works great!
The guitar is now called Hebe, because shes one of my fav. singers (shes asian btw) and i don't know, i just felt like calling the guitar Hebe :P. She's also the Goddess of youth or somethingorother, (and i'm trying to find a way to link that to my guitar).... ANYWAY.... you get the point :P
love love love this guitar!!!!