Wednesday, October 14, 2009


For the last 3 weeks I've been living alone, and for most people... its probably the best thing ever! Parties... empty house all to yourself... eating whatever food... inviting friends over all the time...

But for me, its been pretty tough. With work and all the gazillion other things on my plate, there is not time to enjoy living alone. Also, due to some recent happenings, living by myself has been a time of fear, anxiety and extra burden.

It makes me think though - If I can feel so bad living by myself for 3 weeks, how bad would it be to live an entire life alone? How bad would it be to live eternity alone? How bad would it be to miss out on the relationship that God extends out to us, and the love that Jesus has shown us on the Cross?

It is bad... and unfortunately it is reality for so many people around us today. So MAN UP and lets introduce the world to the love and the relationship that God offers through Jesus!


Brysie said...

were not alone, for Christ is ours.
emmunael, our God come near,
were not alone, for to our world
he lives in us, we live in him!!!

ohh yeeeaaaah

btw add my new blog:) we can blog buddy!

JaYe said...

Man up= *Grunt* *Grunt*