Monday, May 25, 2009

Why I'm not going to Malaya Corner for a while....

I had always respected Malaya Corner and its food.... I showed my pride towards this asian restaurant because of its affiliation with Malaysia... EVEN THOUGH it was owned by Honkies (and the food ain't true malaysian food).

But after today, I'm not going back for a long time.

We were having lunch there and look what Elaine pulled from the bottom of her dish.... on the serviette...

Massively long hair...

My Noodes weren't cooked well at all... the bottom parts were still bunched together like how they are cooked, and still lightly coloured and cold. Also had a really weird aftertaste like it had been soaked in some yuck liquid.

Surprisingly I ate more greens than meat/noodles... haha...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Birthday Poem

I thought this poem my uni friend (thanks Lily!) made up was pretty good and funny at places, so here it is :)

Dear Joshua,

Oh what a “grown up” boy you have become;

Since the day we met, you were our wee little chum.

You had made every uni day worthwhile;

With your weird wacky ways and your warm friendly smile.

You’ve cheered us up on our crappy crit days;

And helped us out with our sh*tty essays.

And even though we’ve only known you 3 years;

It has felt like way more, as we’ve shared our fears.

We’ve been through rain and hail together;

But our friendship has conquered worst weather.

And we couldn’t be more grateful with someone like you;

Someone with confidence, pride and cares like you do.

There is not a day that you’re not at the pizza cafĂ©;

It’s the only place around uni that you seem to like to stay.

You always rock up in blue and sporty gear;

It makes you appear calm, clear and definitely not austere.

You always help out anytime you can;

So, I’d like to thank you Joshua Tan;

For being a mate, a leader, a teacher, a clown;

The nicest guy we could ever have around.

You’re sincerely what we’d call a true friend;

Let’s just hope our friendship will never end.

Josh, you are a great guy and you deserve to enjoy;

So, here’s to you, our grown up Joshi boy!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Worship 101

As many of you know, I'm quite involved and passionate about worship at churches, and how the music ministry serves the church in terms of the team members, the leaders and especially the congregation of worshippers.

After a number frustrating and eventful services which I have seen, led or been part of in some way, I have decided that this would be a nice place to voice my view on worship, give some tips and ideas to my fellow worship team members in my church and in other churches, and also to get some feedback on my views regarding this.

Over the next few weeks, topics such as: what is a church music ministry, what is worship and corporate worship, tips on worship leading, tips on coordinating a team, song choice, the flow of a service, and many other topics.

A book that has helped me rethink my ideas on worship is "Worship Matters" by Bob Kauflin. He presents the idea of worship and song leading with a theological and biblical foundation - something many christian books on worship lack greatly. Hope these next few weeks challenge your view on worship and we can open a new forum on evangelical worship and music at our churches.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Only in Dubai...

A fish tank of curved glass suspended of the side of a 10 storey building...