Wednesday, April 27, 2005

God's Science Vs Man's Science

I feel that the modern generation have been led to believe a science made and encouraged by mankind. This science contradicts nearly everything the bible states, and is interpretted to be proved correct, lowering the authenticity of the bible. However, I have heard of many stories about scientists and historians, who decided to look into the authenticity of the bible against history and science, and everything makes sense! But why doesn't the world know about these revelations? It's because of mankind's selfishness. The men in power have created the 'mainstream' belief about evolution and billions of years etc., and do not want to change it, and damage their own careers. These beliefs about evolution and big bang have invaded everywhere... even high school and primary school teachers tell us that these theories are true, totally forgetting about the bible, and its validity.
But this is another problem in society that needs to be changed. People need to be more aware of the validity of the bible, and the truth it holds. People must know why the bible is true, the facts behind it, and the history that backs it all up. People need the evidence and the truth, explained to them in simple terms, so that they may be able to decipher for themselves the truth, and the make a decision with all the facts, not just the mainstream beliefs and theories. Some topics that I have come across are: how Adam and Eve's family intermarry and reproduce without having genetically disfunctional kids, the carbon dating proving billions of years, dinosaurs, evolution, etc. In all these topics, science has actually proved that the bible is right, and those scientists that claim otherwise, are wrong. Science is on God's side, and no man can disprove God's word, the Bible.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Misconception of Society

In the past week i have engaged with many conversations with friends and other people about the topic of religion, and a very big misconception, misinterpretation and misunderstanding is very obvious.
The issue about catholics, protestant and christians. It's true that there is some big variations between the different denominations and these three 'religions' in general, but I have one question to pose: what is their main belief? Is Jesus the head of their church, or is it some guy or other thing. I'd like to see society be more aware of WHY there are denominations, but also be aware of the things that we all hold true. I, personally, don't subdivide christians into protestants and catholics etc., I rather be aware of what they really believe in, and if they hold true to the Bible, and if Jesus is the head of their Church, then I'd put them into the group of Christians. If not, then in another group. This issue, i think, is tearing apart the secular view of christianity, and is a hindrance to the growth of the church.
The normal secular guy thinks that all these are different, and are sometimes confused at why there are so many denominations etc. They also poke fun at the internal division if they know about christianity as a whole, but dont believe (maybe because of this division). Something that comes through this is unity of the modern church (or lack of). Maybe if we present a united view of the church, taking away all these barriers, then maybe more people will come to the light.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

"miraculous" God moments

There are times where you can clearlysee God at work providing us with miracles. Figs is normally a very quiet study time, because the kids are quite nervous at speaking up, so we prayed about it particularly this time, and its like magic! It was definately the loudest, most productive study I have ever been in, in the 2 and a half years I have been at Figs. Never have I seen such profound and thoughtful answers, and the conversations that were started during the study, I was truly amazed at God answering our prayers.
There is another 'God' moment i frequently have. Every thursday night I have to walk to badminton and back home. The path there is quite dark, sometimes can be dangerous, because there have been a few armed robberies around that path, and gangsters hang around near that place sometimes because its a back alley on the way to garden city. But anyway, at times i pray to God that he will safely get me to or from badminton, and show me the way so i'm not scared. Twice, when i saw teens loitering around (they actually made a mini heat bomb thing and wasted a few windows on a 4wd once), i was offered lifts home from generous people whom i dont know personally, but i just know them from badminton, and some other times when its really late and dark, theres always a car every interval with lights showing me the way home. it may be coincidence sometimes, but i feel that God is looking after me.
These are some of those moments which clearly point to a real and loving God we have!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Fellowship is good fun!

Last saturday we had a LOTR movie night for figs. even though the turnout was not great, we had fun nevertheless. The time we had together doing the same thing, sharing our time with each other doing something we liked, and enjoying it together.... thats something that personally i treasure every moment of. I use these times of fellowship to make friends with people, and to know my friends better, and to have quality time with them. This is what i think these types of activities should be used for. Fellowship builds up trust, friendship, and also gives yourself a backdoor to the busy lives we live in today. We should do more of these types of fellowship activities so we can all know each other, brothers and sisters in christ, more.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Why do people deny themselves?

In my (so far) short life, i have seen many people who have great talent at different things, but they deny themselves, and put themselves down because they think they aren't that good. but why? Is it because they want attention? Or could it be that they strive to the perfection they can never reach? I don't know, but I think its very bad for yourself by doing so. I mean, what is the point of having a talent if you are never going to use it. Even the bible says to use your talents wisely ( the parable of the guys with coins). I know theres a point of overconfidence and ego-headedness, but I am sure people can work with their talents with that boundary. If you are smart, don't deny it, but don't boast about it. If you are good at an instrument, let people hear it, but don't dominate everyone else. I think people should use their talents for the benefit of all, working between the boaundaries of overconfidence, or piggybacking people (i.e. helping people too much).
In the past few days, I have heard people say they are dumb, when they are quite smart, and people who say they can't do things which they are good at, and people who are good at things i.e. music, but they don't want to do it.
If everyone denied themselves, the world would be at a standstill. No famous person denied themselves. Some of them went too far, but the fact is they were confident in their abilities. If everyone was confident in their abilities, without going overboard, the world would operate much easier. Everything would operate as it should, like clockwork.
But what I reckon people should do is not to bottle up their talents and abilities, and not to deny them. Just accept it, and use it within the boundaries, for the benefit of themselves, and everyone else.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Quit week?

This week's been really tough on me unfortunately... all this frustration about things and feeling like quiting. I can't believe how hard it is to organise things properly, and keeping everyone happy at the same time. You don't want to disappoint anyone, but you have to one way or another. It gets even worse when the people who you are organising things for dont like the things you are organising, and they get all annoyed at you for doing little things wrong. I was told to organise a band, but when i start organising all the finer details, all of a sudden they want to organise to get what they want. But i guess thats part of life and I got to accept that sometimes.

Tonight's figs study was pretty good. For me, it feels very good to understand other people's perceptions and thinking from just a few short verses. Its amazing all the things you can get out of it! The only drawback now is the kids aren't very responsive. Over time, that may improve, I hope.

That's enough for me, time for precious sleep :P