Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jaye's first design consultation

I kinda guessed the plan of the house and added a massive verandah covering the front half (the public half) of the house. I added stairs for circulation to the service yard - for hanging the laundry and using the backyard, and also to the new car port. In the existing carport I've extended the house to create a games room adjacent and complementing the lounge. This room is intended to be the centre of entertainment in the house for its occupants and visitors alike! Also, the KFC franchise extension is very appealing.... The games room acts as an informal entrance to the verandah and allows the outside space to be like an outdoor room to supplement the indoor space. The current games room becomes darth nolla's rehab room with the original darth vader rehab capsule. W's room is boring as usual.


Unfortunately, I've had to break my blogging curfew because a certain SOMEONE has tagged me with this post, and i feel bad ignoring it =P At least i'll get to control what their house looks like when i get the 'official' go-ahead to create the best games room in brisbane =)

Rules for this 8 interesting things post:

* Each player must post these rules to begin the meme.
* Each player starts with eight random facts or habits about themselves.
* People who get tagged must blog about their eight things and post these rules.
* At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
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1. I'm a msn bum... I can't remember the last time i've been home and not sleeping, and not on msn... for a while...

2. I am a badminton fan... no I'm not a girl, and no, badminton is not a girl's sport. If you think badminton is a pushover, then I'll gladly challenge you and watch you fail hitting the shuttle on countless occasions =P

3. I hate onion... Probably because ever since i can remember, i've known that my dad hates onions too, so its probably more that i'm just used to hearing people complain about it, and using it as an excuse, than me really hating it. Though... I'm not a big fan of most veges... so that contributes to my disgust in onions

4. I speak 'hakka' or 'ke jia hua' or 'haga wa'. And no, its not some random maori language (though... i know a bit of that too), its a dialect of chinese. Some people won't believe me, but it was a very common language back in the day of the Dynasties. Not as common as mandarin, but it is more older than most dialects, as far as i have heard/read/etc. and apparently the hakka people were persecuted by the other chinese, so that's probably why no one knows about it now. There's links between hakka and other languages and dialects - taiwanese, japanese, and even english apparently!!

5. I'm a christian, I love going to church, reading the bible, and growing in my walk with Jesus. I won't deny it, or compromise it with anything in my life.

6. I love music... all kinds. My iTunes list has christian songs, english rap/hip hop/pop/etc. , chinese rap/pop , korean pop, jap anime theme songs, acapella groups, mainstream artists and bands, christian artists and bands, songs my friends have compiled or composed... I have the lot. EXCEPT cantonese of anything... i don't know how people put up with cantonese music...

7. I study architecture.... and I haven't done any all nighters or crazy work hours yet. I did 2am's the past few days, but it was because I was at camp on the weekend, but I finished early yet again, and that is why I'm posting now - I have a critique presentation in a few hours.

8. I am addicted to nandos. I think I haven't had it for 3 weeks now, and I'm sad :( I love the extra hot nandos chicken... its hot, and you can really feel the flavour!! I also love malaysian curry puffs, satay, ice kajang, well made laksa, and all the malaysian delicacies =) I'm also a big fan of italian pizza and carbonaras. I love food =P

Welll i have to tag 8 people i guess, and i don't know who checks my blog, and I don't support forwards and tagging THAT much... but here's my 8:

Euan - dunno if he checks much

*shrugs* if you don't do it, but oh well =P