Monday, May 11, 2009

Birthday Poem

I thought this poem my uni friend (thanks Lily!) made up was pretty good and funny at places, so here it is :)

Dear Joshua,

Oh what a “grown up” boy you have become;

Since the day we met, you were our wee little chum.

You had made every uni day worthwhile;

With your weird wacky ways and your warm friendly smile.

You’ve cheered us up on our crappy crit days;

And helped us out with our sh*tty essays.

And even though we’ve only known you 3 years;

It has felt like way more, as we’ve shared our fears.

We’ve been through rain and hail together;

But our friendship has conquered worst weather.

And we couldn’t be more grateful with someone like you;

Someone with confidence, pride and cares like you do.

There is not a day that you’re not at the pizza cafĂ©;

It’s the only place around uni that you seem to like to stay.

You always rock up in blue and sporty gear;

It makes you appear calm, clear and definitely not austere.

You always help out anytime you can;

So, I’d like to thank you Joshua Tan;

For being a mate, a leader, a teacher, a clown;

The nicest guy we could ever have around.

You’re sincerely what we’d call a true friend;

Let’s just hope our friendship will never end.

Josh, you are a great guy and you deserve to enjoy;

So, here’s to you, our grown up Joshi boy!

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