Monday, October 31, 2005

Teh Joshi Design Showcase :P

After cramming a 10 week assignment into 1 week last term, and slowly doing the rest of the business part of the assignment, my awesome and simple graphics toy has been completed. Meet R2-D7, R2-D2's long lost brother's cousin's son in law! It looks so sweet and sexy after i designed it on computer :P I hope the teacher accepts my ultra funny powerpoint, which slams every other toy design in the class because their toys are so market unfriendly. It's so biased... and i need like a VHA10 in this assignment to catch up to my friend who wags school just to do graphics.

Life is going great... except for a few minor dilemmas.... and i need to catch up on loads of sleep...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

17 Days til I'm free...

Wow... I can't believe I'm about to finish school so soon! It feels kinda weird, since i've been schooling for almost 13 years of my life. I can almost remember the first day of school for me... back in Auckland. I was really scared back then, being one of the few asians in my area, and not being a very good talker. Not much has changed since then... I'm still smart, lazy, getting into trouble for things i don't do, always laughing at something funny, shy and crap at starting conversations. One great difference is that now i feel much more mature and independent (yes you laugh, but its true!). I'd love to turn back the times to when i was young and carefree, didn't care about anyone looking at me or anything like that. That's one bummer from getting old i guess...

Still, I can't really picture myself as a uni student, or having a full time job, or any of those things that come with age. I hope i will always be the same little joshi i have always been... however old i may be!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Poem...

I'm bored... and feeling a bit poemy... so I chucked this amatuer poem here...

I hear the rustling leaves of fall
And feel the icy winds of winter
It seems there is no hope
Nothing that could change this heart

I see the grey skies of darkness
And the impenetrable fog of despair
Dark days are slowly settling in
The love beginning to disappear

Behold! The night is nearly over
The dawn is soon to come
The frozen heart of yours
Begins to soften back to life

Spring swiftly approaches unto us
Cherry blossoms are ready to bloom
The once monotonous world of mine
Will shine like the stars above

The love I once laid my eyes upon
Meticulously shaped into its true form
A love shaped by the maker above
Given by grace to the undeserved one.

It's a 5 min job but hey... its good enough...


Monday, October 10, 2005

The Idea of North

On Saturday a few friends and I went to the Idea of North concert thingo at the Powerhouse. Me and E got there late (probably early for E) and we missed the first song... and i was buggered running through new farm park. Lucky we ran though, because Idea of North is such a good acapella group. I'm a music guru, and their live gigs sound so great, and their live songs sound a lot better than their already good studio recordings. They have a good balance since they have one bass, tenor, elto and soprano, and they can even vary who does which part... they are just brilliant! Not only are they good, they are funny! They do the most hilarious songs and add the funniest lines ever! There was this one where one guy was doing a solo and the rest were doing air guitars and stuff... the song was about this guy who likes to go to the pub and hook up with girls or something, and one time he was drunk or something and tried to ask the ugliest girl out, and she said NO. It's so funny... Also this other short song asking all these funny questions and ended in confusion from the question: what meat is in spam? They do really cool sounds in their songs too... its like controlled beat boxing and i so want to learn to do that!
After the concert we were sitting down and someone said we should start an acapella group too. It was dubbed by me 'The concept of South', and I am so taking the funny guy's part in this group! I can be the funny tenor :P It would be cool if we just did it for fun though... but I doubt it will happen.... there's still hope!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Wake me up when november ends...

I'm going to hibernate; act like a machine; think like nothing happened. I just feel like I want to hide forever from the world. Yesterday I summed up all my courage and asked (she who must not be named :P) to my formal. It didn't really go as planned, but I'll tell you guys that some other day. Anyway, apparently her valedictory is on the same day as my formal, WHICH kind of is really really really crap. Anyway, the day probably couldn't have got worse... then my cowboys lost the grand final, my liverpool team got thrashed by chelsea, real madrid won and kept a clean sheet, bali got bombed and God knows what else probably happened. Yeah... this week has been really crap, and i have a feeling the next few weeks are going to be worse. I just want to hide and get away from all this stuff happening to me. I have like 0% luck and it seems fate enjoys going against me. I just wish something significant would go right, or else its better to hibernate, or act like a machine that don't have feelings or emotions. Every glimmer of a high is met by a rock solid low, and this trend has been going on for like 17 years of my life. Either all the good times i should have are saving up for some spectacular future, or I'm just one more unlucky guy in the world. At the moment, I'd give so much for her to come to my formal, or even to see my team spectacularly win a game, but it won't happen. Someone remember to wake me up when November ends...

Saturday, October 01, 2005

September/October... Romance Blooms...

September and October has been a pretty hectic month by itself, with post QCS symptoms, second semester major exams, QTAC preferences being due, FIGS camp, and tonnes of other stuff. Yet, people have still found space and time for romance, and its quite freaky because I've never seen as much of it in my life. Janny and big Harry... i mean Warren got married, I've been hanging around at uni and with friends...... and its the first time that I have seen so many of my friends going out. A certain couple also decided to deepen their relationship to marriage ( I won't name anyone at this point in time) and its pretty exciting to see them take this step, cos both these people are pretty awesome. And last but not least, everyone is going on (and I am too) about partners for the Senior Formal at school. I've had my fun by joking around with people, but when it gets to the real thing, it seems pretty nerve racking, especially when you have never really done anything like it before. And then theres all the stupid preparation of transport, suits, other accessories, doing hair, and WHAT IF WHOEVER YOU ASK SAYS NO!!! It sounds so embarassing and it feels like if they say no, it feels like you or the other person will never be friends. Oh well, I guess we guys have to cop the rejections and no's and move on in life :P Anyway, have to go.......