Monday, June 08, 2009

Step up Men of Faith!

Just a quick passing note...

Heard Queensland Baptists have voted against the idea of female ordination, and also voted against a compromise of female ordination (that females can be ordained but not be senior pastors). Other than the common sense and sound application of the scriptures prevailing, I think its a timely call for men to step up in this new millenia...

Men today have to step up and take their place as the head of their household, and leaders of the church. This is not saying that women are not equal to men, as both men and women are made equal but with different roles. Unfortunately there is a lack of men stepping up to take their place as humble, servant-hearted and Christ-like leaders in this world, in our families and in our churches, leading our people, whether it be in the secular world, in our congregations and in our families and relationships. We need more leaders to imitate Christ and to be living examples of the faith we proclaim!


treee said...

I still don't understand this concept of male leadership… Why do women have to submit to everything?
As in...what if the man is incapable of leading, or if his leadership is flawed?
Let's say the woman submits and trust the man with his judgement. Isn’t this just asking for future conflict?
I can't see how any relationship can be like this. It makes more sense if the wife plays an active part in the values of the husband's leadership, so that they both can agree on it and live by it. This way there is harmony in both parties, as well as a balance. Isn’t this important?
Sorry if I sound like a feminist… but it does seem very uneven.

Joshi said...

You're right when you say "the wife plays an active part in the values of the husband's leadership, so that they both can agree on it and live by it" in the sense of a marriage.

The male is made to lead, but to lead in a humble, christlike and servant hearted manner. Biblical male leadership isn't saying that the guy is like a dictator or he acts selfishly and is not Christlike, and when it says that women/wives submit to the men/husband, it is saying that on the terms that the man is obedient to Christ and is leading in that manner.

The fact is that, like you say, a lot of men are incapable of leading, and that is why people around the world are having ideas such as 'feminism' and women ordination (female pastors and elders) because men aren't stepping up, so women are taking their places, and reversing the God-given roles for men and women.

treee said...

That makes much more sense, thankyou =).
I think I'm still finding it hard where this leadership line is drawn for though (for women). Even as simple as teaching collegues or leading this wrong?
And for the women who are natural leaders...this would mean going against what they're skilled at. Skills/gifts that were given by God..?

JaYe said...

That ministry workshop at BLT earlier this year put it this way:

As women we were reminded that men also have very delicate egos and the worst thing that we can do is to put them down, say how incapable they are and how we are better than them, etc etc.

Rather, we are called to encourage men through submission, and through this then men will be encouraged to lead using the example of Christ.

I reckon that there is still a need for strong-willed, gifted women who can lead and encourage other women, both young and old, as some things are best explained and understood by women for women.
(the same goes for men to minister to men)