Friday, July 10, 2009


This week has by far been a week of struggles.

Here are some things I have been struggling with this week... please pray for me about them:

- General busy-ness
- RICE in 2 weeks
- Lots of RICE design/decorations/promo to oversee and coordinate
- Tiredness from driving to and from Sydney in 36 hrs
- Being tolerant and loving to people who are frustrating
- People around me to be more responsible for their duties
- Trust God when things don't go to plan, or things pop up
- My wrist: I injured it a couple nights ago
- Wisdom during the many meetings happening for various ministries
- Salty conversations with people I meet up with
- Should spend more time with my family
- Getting more sleep
- Insight for songs to pick for BLT+

Lots more to pray about but that is a start.

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