Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Next week = Living off Coffee!

Yesterday I finally had my critique presentation for my third and final project: designing a research centre in one of the park areas at Mt Cootha. This involved bussing and walking up Mt. Cootha and sketching parkland, thinking of ideas for my design, getting wasted by the lecturer for a crap design, and then repeating this about three times. All three of my courses have basically finished, and now its time to get my drawings in for folio and my ONE exam :P

Next week I'm going to be living off coffee doing all-nighters watching soccer world cup and doing up all my drawings! how FUN!!! *rolls eyes*

Anyway... today i've been resting from the past few days of badminton and assignmenting... just reading my lecture notes and browsing through random blogs here and there. Its so weird how many people i 'know' or know of. Thinking of going to the Gold Coast open on June 24-25 and doing an over-nighter or something... if anyone wants to join me, tell me :P Figs camp coming up too on June 30 - July 2... Its gonna be awesome!

Well i need to go to uni for some exhibition...


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Farewell City of Brisbane Open...

Today was finally the end of the 3 day City of Brisbane Badminton Competition... it started last sunday, continuing yesterday til today.... Many good things and bad things came outa this comp:
1. Badminton is fun
2. Badminton is tiring
3. Singles is fun fun
4. I can play both C and B grade now ^^

Yeah its been a pretty fun week... I got into the Semi's of C mixed doubles (we shoulda won...), Quarters of C mens doubles, 2nd round of B mens doubles and 2nd round of C mens singles. It was also awesome watching/hearing about Elaine killing everyone and getting regraded ^^ even though we can't play mixed anymore :( she's heaps heaps good now! And my uni friend Peter who got into C mixed finals... and won the 'loser cup' of both C singles and mens doubles. Hopefully i can link up with a coach before the next comp and play heaps good :P

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Don't you feel like sometimes you are living in the past? I feel like everything I do... has already happened before in my life. Situations, emotions and issues seem to repeat itself. Is there a way of changing this habit?

That's one of the regrets I have in life. I never seem to grasp any so called 'opportunities' that are available... or I don't even see any opportunity altogether and miss the point! It takes heaps of courage to go against this vicious and cruel cycle of life. And when the courage is there... the opportunity is gone.

One day I'll hopefully have the 'no fear' attitude... but I guess we all have to dig in and hope for the best.

The world through blind eyes...

Can you imagine if you were blind? For me... I don't know how I'd get around if I couldn't see properly.... and thats not even at the stage of blindness!

I always remember what my dad taught me about sight... He always told me it was the most important of the five senses.... and at all costs i should protect my eyes.

Its really amazing though, when you see these blind people in the streets, on bus stops, and everywhere you go! You'd think they'd be struggling their way around... but they are doing really good actually. Some people get frustrated at them, but they are just ignorant of the fact of all the mental and physically strength they use to manouver themselves around almost as good as a normal person. These guys are really nice people... always cheerful and positive. It feels so hard to rely totally on touch and hearing senses and requires a lot of trust and faith.

Ummm this seems like a random entry.. and the moral is ...umm.. never criticise the blind..... they are extraordinary people!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Crazy Days

My conclusion from my first week of being 18: Need More Sleep!

Saturday Night: Fa Cup Final was on. Being a final, and with my favourite team, Liverpool, playing, I just couldn't stop myself staying up to watch this game (it started at midnight). With the score at 3-2 at the 89th minute and liverpool losing, I was getting ready to go to sleep at 2am WHEN Stevie Gerrard scored from 35 metres out in extra time!?!?! Back i sat to watch 30 minutes of enthralling extra time, and then to penalties they went. All we need to know is liverpool won and that made me feel a bit better about my decision to stay up until 3 30am.

Sunday: Played guitar really crap at church. Then had to wait at landmark for about 30 minutes for a table we actually booked... *sigh* nothing special about the food... and off to figs camp meeting i went! After debating for many minutes about the figs camp menu... i decided to call it quits and go to complete my marathon 14 hours of badminton in 3 days.

Monday: After sleeping at close to midnight, I woke up at 8 10 realising i had a lecture at 9am! Scrambled outa bed as fast as ever and out of the house by 8 20ish and got to the bus stop at 8 25! There were moments where i thought i'd actually get there on time... until my bus to uni stopped on adelaide street because of stupid constructions! Just wanted to abuse the company for blocking up adelaide street just before 9am.... SO DUMB! *sigh* got to uni at 9 30 to another boring lecture with the newly named (because of his weird fashion sense and some personality issues) "Metro Mark". As per usual.. he droned on about some house in straddie that someone in the department designed. He could have told us how to construct a timber framing model (which i have no clue how to do) but nooooo... Went to pizza place for lunch to meet up with my high school buddies (belated birthday lunch~). It was really fun! Then went home to catch up on sleep.

Tuesday: After sleeping at 10 30 (*nods* 10 30!) i woke up late yet again at 7 40! Got to uni 10 minutes late only to realise that our erratic and unpredictable lecturer decided to call off our review! What a stoooooopid decision... and i came to uni just for it! *bleh* forced myself to walk back to the bus stop and home instead of hunting him down and kic.. nevermind! :P Did work from then til about midnight ><

This weekend is shaping to be totally awesome! City of Brisbane Badminton comp. on sunday *yayness!* Can't wait to play mixed with Elaine and to play mens doubles.... nonstop smashing!!!! like malaysia does! Probably the first comp. i'm taking seriously.. compared to the other ones i just smash and smash since i didn't know my partners.

Coming 7 weeks are totally crazy though~ Almost every weekend is fully booked due to badminton, figs, uni, concerts and other outings. Portfolio is due in early june.... first and last exam on 16th june... then 100% world cup!!! (since camp prep will be close to finished by then :P)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

May is the Month of Mayhem

Good things about May so far:
  • no more hot weather
  • i'm 18 finally
  • finished my Principles assignment
  • World cup in less than a month
  • PS3 release date (according to e3) = Nov. 17 and costs $999 with 60gig drive
  • Stinky Ping is moving away from macgregor (hmmm... wait thats a bad thing... gotta drive to 8 miles)
  • Euan and Sel are finally married
  • Mite be getting tutoring job soon (defiantely get a job in this month or 2)
  • City of Brisbane badminton open ^^ Playing C mixed (with elaine), C mens and B mens (with herbert) and C singles!
  • get to see everyone in high school and uni suffer from exams and assignments (only 1 exam and 1 assignment hehe)
  • figs camp coming up ^^

Bad things about May so far:
  • Football season has ended
  • stupid 7 week assignment due soon
  • site visit to morningside tafe
  • making an a3 landscape model out of cardboard
  • 3 hours of guitaring >___<>
  • not enough sleep eeeeeeeeeks
  • have to start moving my butt and organise figs camp
  • silly issues popping up here and there :(
  • Malaysia lost in badminton semi finals :(

ok i'm sleepy :P hope this is somewhat meaningful stuff... but probs not lol.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Thank You.

A BIG thanks to everyone who helped me have a great 18th birthday! Thank you to everyone who came over for the dinner, those who sms'ed me, and those who said happy birthday to me. I felt very special and it means a lot to me that i can share this milestone with all of you guys.

The day started off like a usual sunday... after a rather late saturday night... got a few phone calls, sms's and people on msn saying happy birthday to me at midnight or near (alice was 2 hours too early =P and elaine was first). Got to church and did the usual sunday thing... maccas and setting up. Then we had lunch and music jam session. I got a little suprise and i'm probably going to be playing guitar again =). Then came home, paniced a bit about the dinner and my assignment. Everything seemed good until the esky started leaking and water was everywhere on the floor, and derek called me to say nandos forgot my order and had to wait an extra 20 minutes for them to convince the nandos people that i actually did order and pay, and they cooked up about 5 full chickens on the spot for us.

So was in a anxious mood... then Jason, Elaine and Jan turned up... which made me feel heaps better =) no more big suprises! Everyone started turning up (last person was typically 25 minutes late =P) and two people didn't make it due to family and other reasons. So we tucked in to heaps of nice food... pizza, nandos, noodles, satay, salad, cake, and other nibbles. After, played 'how well do you know josh?' in groups... which the 'white guys' (Ping, Aaron and Warren) and Sally, Elaine and Leonie tied first. Leonie totally fluked the Q 'when did josh last cut his hair?' to the exact day! freaky ayeee. After we played taboo and time crisis 3 when the 'just married' couple made their late entry! I really feel sorry for them.... late + late = mega late... just hope they might cancel each other out and be on time for things for once!

It was a memorable night... thanks again to everyone! you guys are the best =D And I will try to grow up like 90% of people tell me to do hehe.


Saturday, May 06, 2006

23 hours of legally being a child

17 years, 364 days, 1hr (and counting)

Well, i haven't really thought about it much but it's finally starting to hit me. In 23 hours time i will be legally an adult. In 22 hours and 58 minutes i won't have to get my parents to sign consent forms, or anything like that. In 22 hours and 57 minutes i should be acting much more mature than what i am normally like. In 22 hours and 56 minutes i have to VOTE (bleh) and do other stuff i didn't have to before. In 22 hours and 55 minutes....

Just before i tip over the edge into adulthood, its appropriate to look back to my past. I'd like to say that i'm proud of everything i've done over the years, but I don't think that is ever possible. However, its pretty clear that i have somehow survived, and that's not an accident. I can remember many instances that i feared for my life, both physically and mentally. Times when death has literally stared at me in the face. Other times when i just want to curl up and hiberate forever. But somehow, i am still here. In the past 17 years, 364 days, 1 hr and 11 minutes, I have learnt the big 3 influences in anyones lives: God, Family and Friends. Without my friends, I would probably have given up on life. Without my family, I would not have had such a headstart on life that i currently have. Without God, I would not have life. Nothing can buy these three things. These things can only be reached from deep within your heart, where the unbreakable bonds of family, friendship and fellowship intertwine with each other.

Oh well..... if there's one sign that will remind you of my childishness when I am 18, it will be me poking you^^ Even if i tried to act like an adult, everyone has their child within (ba da ba ba ba) which cannot be tied down easily.