Monday, August 14, 2006

Where is the world going?

The 21st century has been marred with many human tragedies... terrorism, war, famine, drought, flood, air disasters... just to name a few. But i can safely say that the world at this very moment in time is in total chaos. I remember the day when there was no such threat of major conflict or terrorism... but now, its evident left, right and centre.
A chill goes by my spine everytime i hear the words 'breaking news' on TV... it usually means something disastrous has happened. I was shocked when i heard about the 'conflict' occurring in Israel and Lebanon. I guess some wars can be justified..... but where do these governments draw the line between 'going to war'? Then a few days later... the whole breaking news about the terrorist plots in London appear. It already is a risk to get on a plane to US/UK, but now its almost like suicide. My thoughts of going to france/italy etc. to check out the architecture around there have vanished by travel fears. This new escalation in terrorism is a depressing and chilling reminder to the world of the lengths these people will take to achieve their purposes.
This leads me to the question... why do people seek war/conflict/pain? There is enough loss of life as it is from natural disasters... yet, people still have this vicious intent to kill. Personally.. I can't even stand conflict with any one of my friends, yet these people gain pleasure by hurting people. It just goes to show how mucked up the state of the world is at the moment...

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Shmeep said...

I agree totally! There was a time when robberies etc made headline news...but now, everywhere it's war, terrorism, fighting, people dying...>< As for guess would be that they're following the whole "an eye for an eye" thing (in the case of Israel and Lebanon anyway) - that, and the fact that the world just seems so much more suspicious these days. It's like a neverending cycle; the more suspicious they get, the more hostile the actions...arousing more suspicion, etc etc. And I'll shut up now XD