Thursday, August 10, 2006


It started on Sunday arvo... it was the 'jam session' or music practice for the muso's. Usually I get paid out heaps for singing really really softly... so on sunday, since I'm now a worship leader, and one of just 2 guys singing, I decided to sing with more confidence... It was good and stuff... but at the end of the session my throat/voice was just dead. Then after that, had badminton at griffith... was probably one of the best badminton i've played... had to verse all these crazy people... 8 games in a row... at the end i was totally dead. Monday was a 'paniccy' day at uni. Had a competition due in on tuesday at 2pm... and I was the only one in my group at uni until the afternoon... so i was like o___o for 4 hours. then in the arvo started crazily drawing on the computer, and continued when i got home. Then on monday night... started coughing... didn't think i was really sick... but it just got worse. Tuesday was more paniccy than monday. Was running around wasting money and stuff until the 2pm deadline. by then, my voice was gone, i was sniffling, and dead tired. As soon as the presentation finished, I jumped on the bus home. Then at GG on tuesday night at e's place, it just got worse. I was fully feeling the fatigue and loss in energy. I was like a living zombie -_____- wednesday i slept for about 18 hours... and now i'm wagging uni and reting at home. It just sucks that sickness just interrupts every part of your life. I didn't really want to miss uni today since thursday we do the most work... but i don't really want to get sicker... so here i am bumming around... Hope no1 else is as sick as me... and if you are sick... hope u get better soon!

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Shmeep said...

Oh no, cold/flu season! I think I only just got better =3 Hope you get better soon too! It seems like everyone's sick, T_T Good luck with all that uni stuff and other stuff =P