Thursday, August 24, 2006


Maybe its the effect of aging? I've heard the cliche "time flies" so many times in the past few weeks... and it just seems to be so true! It feels like its still holidays... yet its almost midsemesters. It felt like figs camp was last week... but it was two months ago. It feels like time is moving way too far ahead of me... leaving me behind with all my memories and thoughts.
So much has happened in the past few weeks... and the one that i want to talk about now is BLT... When i say BLT... you're probably thinking... joshi ish hungry! and yes... that is kinda true =P But BLT in this case stands for Brisbane Leadership Training... which is a camp run by a bunch of asian churches. It was so cool to meet up with guys I met last year, and also to meet new guys, and other guys that I was never able to meet. It was a great experience, learning more about the bible, more about other churches, making new friends all over the place, and being encouraged and encouraging others in their respective lives. I met heaps of new friends, and heaps of people that i knew of, but never was able to actually meet.
Funniest part of the camp was when Ping met his twin... TIM!!! They look SO alike its not funny! (well it is really funny =P) Other funny moments were at night when the guys dorm had their 'man-talk' bench... with their serious discussions about stuff which i have no idea of... because i was trying to sleep/talk on the phone... when i was invaded by the whole dorm on both nights! Encouraging moments was when me and iggy shared heaps to each other about our churches and other stufff... and also when i met jess... who is from the same place as I was born! and she knows my uncle!!??! craziness! Relaxing moments were freetime when we went to the beach, and also on saturday night in the dorms where we all got to know each other better. AWESOME moment was when we got seconds in our meals! I can still remember jeff running to get his seconds hehe. Worst moment was when i woke up at 5am to EVAN snoring his bum off... and then coming back from my hot shower at 7am... still hearing him snore -_____-
Well... what else has happened? the answer is... a lot! but hopefully joshi is still in one piece and ready for whatever life decides to chuck at him!

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