Saturday, August 05, 2006

Continueing analysing asian things...

Firstly, I played badminton at UQ with some of the international architecture students and other archi friends... and this guy who told us he hadn't played in ages... he was actually matching it with me and peter! We're both pretty decent badminton players... but he was matching us! It just shows the level difference of these type of things around the world... It's like how the substitute bench of the brazilian team would start in any other national team in the world. Also reminds me that Queensland Roar (the soccer team...) bought this chinese player dubbed 'the chinese beckham' ! Everyone should watch this team being asianised... now with two awesome asian players (also the 'korean guy'). Maybe in 11 years... they will have 11 asian players... who knows :P

Anyway... secondly and lastly, last night went to singbattle (kinda like aussie idol but in 1 seating) with some friends. Some of the people singing were actually really good, but then a few literally made me fall half asleep. I dunno if it was coincidental or anything... but all 16 songs i heard were all depressing love songs... some examples are "jian jian dan dan" (simply), "May I love you", "Wo bu ming bai" (i don't understand), "Ge Qian" (stranded), and others... It seems that the asian music industry is infatuated in portraying this image of 'helpless love'. I mean... yes its better than all the swearing in the english industry... but its not a good image to portray to the millions of asian kids.

This week I set a record of the most hours in uni in a week for me... mon 9-4, tues 10-5:30, thursday 9-3:30, friday 10-4:30... thats like 27.5hrs!?!?! closest I've ever gotten to the supposedly 28 contact hours i have :P Been reading heaps lately... staying up to like 1amish... probably should stop that *sigh* Can't wait til tonight though! night games :) hope heaps of people come... then it will be crazier than last year! This coming week is getting busier and busier though >< hope everything works out~

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Derk said...

Not to reinforce swearing or anything, however if u dont want kids exposed to swearing just dont let them go outside the house (includes school), watch tv or even listen to the radio. western music at least has more variety of stuff tahts actually popular and listened, as well as greater range of genre.