Friday, August 18, 2006


These past few weeks have been so busy~ so later this arvo i'll be going to the sunshine coast for some rest and relaxation! well... its not really all relaxing... will be doing hardcore bible studies and that kinda stuff... but hopefully it will be a good refresher from a mind saturated with uni and other thoughts. The best things about these camps are the free time periods on saturday afternoon. They are always filled with fun sports and games, relaxing quiet/sleep times, and catching up time with people you see once or twice a year. Every camp we've been to, i think we always spend an hour or so down at the beach just sitting around, chatting, and soaking in the sun, fresh air and natural views. This seems so far away from the lives we live normally... stressing about work, running around organising things, and other activities ppl do. It gets u away from all the horrible news about murders, wars, and other things like that. I think theres many people who are really into their lives, that just need to hit the pause button, and take a breather or two, and just really appreciate life, and all the good things God has given us. All the opportunities and gifts that come our way, that we take for granted in our busy lives. *shrugs* hope this blog makes sense ><

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Shmeep said...

Have fun at the camp thing!~ Although you'll be back by the time you read this, so meh lol.
I agree with the whole people being into their lives thing...but then, the 'breathers' are generally the holidays =P Gratitude and appreciation of life and other things is a must...otherwise the person has one heck of a boring and unfulfilling life >_>