Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Where is the world going? part II

Yes... where is the world going? Part one was talking about the disasters and all the bad stuff happening in the world... Part two is on the same wavelength, except its slightly different... Part two is about architectural disasters! Now you may ask... 'what in the world is that?' but its easy! Look around next time you go down to the city, and ask yourself... does this look right? does everything seem in place? If you rock up in Paris, you'll be greeted with classical archways, and then you will be bombarded with the most beautiful buildings in the world... from all different architectural eras. The only rival to the stunning Paris cityscape is probably the classical architecture in Rome. But back to to the topic.... Next time you look around when you're heading into city... ask yourself what looks wrong? And you will picture this:

Yes, this is the building being constructed at the moment... Brisbane Square. The idea is from the Federation Square design in Melbourne... except the design leaves food for thought. Whoever came up with the colours for this design should be shot immediately. For one, my architecture friends and i shiver everytime our bus passes this 'lankmark'. The colours are bright and vibrant... totally contrasting with the polluted river, stone treasury buildings (and others), and does not look in place. The second reason why I don't like this building is it shields the visibility of the Brisbane city hall from the river entrance. I didn't reaslise this until a few days ago. Was this planned? If it was, I'd like to see the reason why the council/developers would want to hide the 'heart' of Brisbane. I think above the first six levels, the design isn't too bad, but I won't comment too much on the first few levels...

Contrast this to one of the beautiful buildings in Guang Zhou, China at the moment:

Guang Zhou Museum (The "Swan" by night)

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Selena said...

I agree, Brisbane square had got to be the most ugliest building in the city by far, surpassing the Riparian or the gold amp or comalco thingy. But look at the architect's website, there other building are also just as unasthetically pleasing. Is there no point to the tender process? How much was the bribe!!!