Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Figs Camp + more

Again the annual figs camp took place... for the first time by ourselves. A new location, a new speaker, a new topic... everything was new this time around! I took the role of co-ordinator again, and on my part, i thought it was an awesome camp! We had 30 people on camp, which was abut 10 more than original expectation. The trip up to the coast was safe... and was amusing due to our walkie talkies :). At one stage we had the brisbane bus lines on our channel, and another stage we had michael buble singing hehe. We got there to find E and S uncharacteristically early! We had a nice rest and woke up to a beautiful saturday morning. Going into the first session, some people were a bit uneasy at the topic, and this was frustrated by a certain cable (the laptop to projector cable) gone missing! Then we saw a black volvo zooom out and come back 20 minutes later with cables in his hand. First session was really good. We talked about Love and how love is from God, and it requires commitment and the ultimate act of love was of Jesus coming to earth to die for our sins. The second session was about dating. There were interesting points that came out of this session for some people, and if you want to know more, talk to me personally :) After lunch we had crazy/tiring games. Just before sunset some of us walked to the beach and had some relaxing time. After dinner was skits..... and the standout was Mr Fart detective aka Will hehe. Sunday morning brought the session of Marriage... where half of the younger kids tuned out... in truth it was a good session. Then we had a discussion panel, clean up, lunch and a massive photo/relaxing time. After many goodbye's our four car touring party started home. Winding down the coastal plains to the inland highway, that concluded the best figs camp i've been on :)

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Shmeep said...

Awww, I wish I had been there, sounds like it was heaps and heaps of fun =) Lol at the Brisbane bus lines! That's sooo funny XD And yes, you do have to tell me about those "interesting points"... o.O