Sunday, July 30, 2006

Chinese Tradition?

Ever since I went back to malaysia in the beginning of the year, I've watched a handful of chinese comedy/romance genre movies, sometimes with friends or other times on recommendation... just to waste time or learn/get used to mandarin/cantonese... and I can see an obvious pattern in all this... is it how a typical chinese relationship goes???

1. Guy sees Girl
2. Girl goes away (95% is probably girl dying actually )
3. Guy gets reminded of girl and realises that he's in love with her
4. Girl comes back temporarily
5. Guy + Girl together for a short time
6. Girl goes away forever
7. Girl leaves reminder (letter or something) for guy to understand how the girl enjoyed the time with him.
8. Guy is sad at circumstances but happy to have met the girl, and sees life in a better way

If this is the case in chinese culture.... this must be very shocking at the very least... Chinese culture must be full of girls dying, heartbroken guys, and girls resurrecting/reincarnating for a short while ... *sigh* why can't people come up with a better plot for movies. This is a really random post... just wanted to say that :P

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Derk said...

No wonder why so many asian songs are so depressing and emo Josh.