Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Change?

A few days ago I was walking up the stairs from badminton and mum suddenly said: "Hey Josh... you're smiling for once! It's like the first time I've ever seen u like that for ages!" The fact was I didn't even know I was smiling... but it's definately something different. Normally at home, I am either expressionless or always gloomy, but now it seems like it's not the case. I dunno what sparked it... maybe its because I'm 18? or maybe because I just don't worry much anymore. But either way, it seems like a good change. I remember certain people have always told me to smile. Also I know of other people who just always have a smile on their faces... and it brings so much joy seeing them go about their lives in such happiness. Is their face the truth? Or is it just a facade for a depressed soul? For me, I can honestly say that I am happy in my life. Past worries and memories don't seem like a burden on me, and present and future worries... I will take them as they come and go. I feel like there isn't much to fear anymore. Just smile and be a happy person ^^ It will not only affect me, but will bring one more happy person into the world =P

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Shmeep said...

Joshi is happy! Lol, reminder about one of my own blog posts a while ago >_> But yes yes, that's good =D Keep smiling, be happy XD