Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Two days and already behind

Monday was the first day of uni for the new semester.... not used to the early mornings... i woke up at 7:15 after numerous loud alarms (which is very unlike me...) and was late out of the house... luckily i got two buses (160 and 407) which were just about to leave and therefore i ogt to uni on time. We have a new lecture room today... and i found out that it is on the other side of the uni from the architecture block... and is a VET lecture theatre -__- stupid architecture lecturers making us walk 4230320m for a lecture... and we were also locked out of the lecture room for 20 minutes because of some security reason. This semester's theme is 'Threshold' which is an area which separates and joins two places. Our first exercise was to make a montage/collage which describes a 'reading' (which was about a place with two descriptions, and we had to think of the 'in between' area). The task was due for presentation at 3pm. I left at 1pm so :P lazy me... i should start staying hehe. Yeah met up with some friends at uni... went to city and wandered about... with some high school memories flooding back *cough*myercentre*cough* and un-lonered some friends on their way home... bummed at plaza and yeah~
Tuesday was a similar story... had a 10am start at the studio... we had a new exercise, of designing a room with two parts and a threshold in between, simulating the ideas of the readings we did on monday... it was pretty hard thinking of an idea... but i finally got one. It was 12 noon and 3pm was the presentation again. Looking around the studio, i realised no one had started, so again... i left early :P and apparently i didn't miss out on that much hehe. went to friends place to have the supposedly 'final games' of soccer (WE10) on ps2, and then played some basketball with friends + random people (one of them was like 2m tall -____-) and went home to conclude another day of 'uni'

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Shmeep said...

Lol geee, talk about first two days of "uni"...lazy bum =P Although the whole threshold thing sounds pretty interesting actually, I remember doing something similar in year 9 (not as advanced obviously).