Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Busy Holidays

Hmmm... this holidays is so packed and busy!
1. Gold Coast Open
It was a really good tournament... even though I bombed out on some events. Played really well generally and came 2nd in C Mens Doubles and lost in the semi-finals of B Mens Doubles. Mixed doubles.... results weren't great... but I think i played really well in CXD and so did Sandy (accuracy!) and BXD wasn't that bad considering both of us were injured... 2 close games and one crap one (which i injured my hip a bit). Singles for B and C were bad resultwise, but I had bad luck in C... first round against the runner-up (wasted first set and 21-17 in 2nd set) and then nearly beat the winner of the consolation (31-28). B singles was same story as C first round, but i could've won the 2nd set... but i played well so thats good :). Thank you to Jeff, Elaine, Sally, Sandy, Bob, Tom, Sharon, Ben and anyone else who was bumming around with me down at the coast. You guys rock!
2. Figs Camp
figs camp was looking bad when there was less than 20 forms in... but nowww... A MASSIVE 31 regos! Its crazy!?!? I've been resorting transport and groups and everything out the past day. Its looking really really good this year :) so happy. Still feel a bit sad and sorry for those who can't come for wateva reason... i know some of you really want to come... :( will miss you guys.
3. World Cup
A sad end to the Aussies who should have won their game against Italy. The Socceroos' world cup has been marred by referee errors and dubious decisions from start (Nakamura's goal) to finish (Grossi dive/tripped himself on an innocent Neill for Totti to convert at the penalty spot). The Aussies played well and deserve immense praise from the footballing world.

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Shmeep said...

Ahaha, Gold Coast was fun indeed XD BUT YOU FORGOT MY OTOUTO-CHAN! And objection! What do you mean, BXD wasn't bad >_>;; Hope you guys have heaps of fun at Figs Camp...happy you didn't cancel it now? =P