Thursday, July 20, 2006


Well.. i just got home from playing a 4.5hr game of risk:lotr edition. Me and Tom and the might of the Nazgul took on the power of the Men of Gondor (aaron and jeff). The game was very intense for all 4.5hrs... and ended when the ring was found in Osgiliath (near Minas Tirith) by me :). The irony was that we had such an intense game going, just for me to roll a 6 + 5 to find the ring (you need double 6's normally, but i had my troops in Osgiliath at the time so i got -1 bonus!) It was also Jeff's turn next, and as it turned out, he had a pretty good plan up his sleeve. It seems such a waste that all that 4.5hr of battle was decided by a lucky roll of the dice, and that things can change for so much better in an instant! This kinda translates directly into life... 13 weeks of hardcore study all tested by one exam (however lucky or unlucky you are...), 6 years of university just for the day you get your degree, 20+ years of a single life changed by the decision of marriage, the list goes on and on! There's always a crunch time for all your work/time invested in the thing. The risk factor that goes into it is how the decision goes... you can be lucky or ride on your luck to a good ending or have a bad day and have a bad ending. So many events/decisions in life involve risk and timing/luck and can change your life in an instant!

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Looks like Warren missed out eh?