Monday, June 05, 2006

The Idea of North

Yesterday the "Oldies" and me went to watch The Idea of North at the powerhouse. Tickets were a cheap $15 bucks..... however I got free tickets since I'm a net bum and replied to their complementary free seats before other people :P It was a really good show... besides a video camera on a huge metal arm swinging around the stage and on top of the audience. The Idea of North is an a-capella group featuring a bass, tenor, alto and soprano. They do all sorts of music styles. Their best song last night was a rendition of "Fields of Gold", and the funniest were "Staying Alive" and their fast lyricing song to a jazz tune (forgot what it was called). Also they made us singing "She's so Lovely" in 3 parts... and as usual it was really fun^^.

After the concert we tracked back to get some food... someone decided to go to this 'middle-eastern' restaurant... and had turkish bread with dips, turkish pizza, kebab meat, and other random and nice stuff! funniest moment was when a police car parked next to a bus stop and jay-walked across the road... cars stopped thinking they did something wrong hehe. THEN a bus pulled up and couldnt fit into the bus stop properly... and we dashed to get a piccy of it to send to the police dep. but... we were too slow :( On the way home was a good time to rest.... after a few minutes of rash driving by 'he who must not be named' .

1. The idea of north with me, sel and amy at AGMF
2. my updated design :P


JaYe said...

I must admit that Nick's haircut in that pic was alot better than that mop-style he had last night!

Shmeep said...

Good to hear the concert was fun ^^ Heh, it's a pity you didn't get a photo of the police car though.