Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Simple yet so Complex

In the 40 buildings I have to memorise for my one exam, the building pictured above is probably one of my favourites. Its a design by Le Corbusier called Maison Domino. When I first saw it, I thought it was just a normal building frame.... but when we learnt more about this design, it was clear that it was different. This is one of the prototype designs for modern buildings. Concrete structure is used, the floorspace isn't bound by walls, the posts are not at the edge of the floorspace, and the space is of a free form as opposed to being dependant on the structure. This was a turning point in architecture, and this design, in its simplicity, explains the new, complex and radical movement towards modernism.

This year, I/we have likened many characteristics discussed in a building to the characteristics of a person. For example, every building has a context, background and experience. Every person comes from a different background and is in a different part of their life, and is experiencing different things to other people. I think the phrase 'simple yet so complex' applies to humans too. We see heaps of people every day, and we just take them for what we see of them. Yet, each and every person has their own mind, their own thoughts and their own feelings. Every person is going through their own ups and downs, their own rollercoaster, but do we recognise that? As a building has a facade, so does a person. I guess the moral is you shouldn't think that everyone is cruising in life, because its often the opposite. Sometimes its good just to be a bit more careful in things you say and do, and also to help those in difficulties. And the best thing is to make them =)!

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