Thursday, June 22, 2006

Worst Draw Ever.

*sigh* I have the worst GC open draw in the world -_____-. First is BMS... this draw isn't too bad... okay first round... second round with kenny if i get through. Then its CMD... i thought this would be my good event, BUT they decided to make it groups and put me with the UQ people -_________- its not good... will be an entertaining match but my hopes aren't that high. What's more is that i only get 2 games or 3 max because i'm in a group of 3 instead of 4. Worst ever draw is BXD. Not because of my partner.... even though didn't really want to be with her (lol no offence) but the OPPOSITION! crazy crazy crazy opponents. Come and you'll see. I'm scared :( oh well.


xiaoling said...

WHAT?! Aren't you with Elaine for BXD?? How come you don't want to partner with her?! o_o; But yeah~ you are against scary, crazy people this time, lol. Good luck on it ^^ =P

Shmeep said...

Yeah, thanks =P No worries, the feeling's mutual XD Is the opposition really that crazy?