Monday, June 12, 2006

Hello World Cup

Indeed the world cup has begun! Joshi fell asleep 30 minutes into the first game -____- and has not watched a game since saturday morning *sigh*

The last few days have been crazy... Friday and saturday were finishing assignment... friday night and saturday morning was world cup... got home at 4 20am!?!?! Saturday 3pm was euan's house warming thingo... was really really fun! and got home at about 10 to enter GC open discussion. Final verdict = josh has to find someone to room with... or pay crazy accommadation rates.
Sunday = lead service and one of the songs were so high that I totally died -__-... but otherwise it was pretty good ^_____^ ... bummed around (well.. it was a meeting) at Onie's lil house then it was off to the 6:30 service to do an interview for figs.
I finally put my entry into GC open! I'm so gonna DIE! All B and C events... yes... even singles... i'm gonna get murdered in B singles, but hopefully i'll get better in singles cos I find it much more fun and interesting these days.
Oh well... good luck in exams for those who have some left... and *poke* for everyone who's finished exams ^_^

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Shmeep said...

Waah! -ALL- B and C events?! You're mad T_T As for world No comment =P