Saturday, May 20, 2006

The world through blind eyes...

Can you imagine if you were blind? For me... I don't know how I'd get around if I couldn't see properly.... and thats not even at the stage of blindness!

I always remember what my dad taught me about sight... He always told me it was the most important of the five senses.... and at all costs i should protect my eyes.

Its really amazing though, when you see these blind people in the streets, on bus stops, and everywhere you go! You'd think they'd be struggling their way around... but they are doing really good actually. Some people get frustrated at them, but they are just ignorant of the fact of all the mental and physically strength they use to manouver themselves around almost as good as a normal person. These guys are really nice people... always cheerful and positive. It feels so hard to rely totally on touch and hearing senses and requires a lot of trust and faith.

Ummm this seems like a random entry.. and the moral is ...umm.. never criticise the blind..... they are extraordinary people!

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