Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Next week = Living off Coffee!

Yesterday I finally had my critique presentation for my third and final project: designing a research centre in one of the park areas at Mt Cootha. This involved bussing and walking up Mt. Cootha and sketching parkland, thinking of ideas for my design, getting wasted by the lecturer for a crap design, and then repeating this about three times. All three of my courses have basically finished, and now its time to get my drawings in for folio and my ONE exam :P

Next week I'm going to be living off coffee doing all-nighters watching soccer world cup and doing up all my drawings! how FUN!!! *rolls eyes*

Anyway... today i've been resting from the past few days of badminton and assignmenting... just reading my lecture notes and browsing through random blogs here and there. Its so weird how many people i 'know' or know of. Thinking of going to the Gold Coast open on June 24-25 and doing an over-nighter or something... if anyone wants to join me, tell me :P Figs camp coming up too on June 30 - July 2... Its gonna be awesome!

Well i need to go to uni for some exhibition...


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Shmeep said...

So evil...HAD to drive it home that you only have -one- exam didn't you?