Thursday, May 11, 2006

May is the Month of Mayhem

Good things about May so far:
  • no more hot weather
  • i'm 18 finally
  • finished my Principles assignment
  • World cup in less than a month
  • PS3 release date (according to e3) = Nov. 17 and costs $999 with 60gig drive
  • Stinky Ping is moving away from macgregor (hmmm... wait thats a bad thing... gotta drive to 8 miles)
  • Euan and Sel are finally married
  • Mite be getting tutoring job soon (defiantely get a job in this month or 2)
  • City of Brisbane badminton open ^^ Playing C mixed (with elaine), C mens and B mens (with herbert) and C singles!
  • get to see everyone in high school and uni suffer from exams and assignments (only 1 exam and 1 assignment hehe)
  • figs camp coming up ^^

Bad things about May so far:
  • Football season has ended
  • stupid 7 week assignment due soon
  • site visit to morningside tafe
  • making an a3 landscape model out of cardboard
  • 3 hours of guitaring >___<>
  • not enough sleep eeeeeeeeeks
  • have to start moving my butt and organise figs camp
  • silly issues popping up here and there :(
  • Malaysia lost in badminton semi finals :(

ok i'm sleepy :P hope this is somewhat meaningful stuff... but probs not lol.

1 comment:

Shmeep said...

Who cares if Malaysia lost in the semi finals, China won! Go China =P And make sure you -run- in mixed for city of bris as well >_>