Sunday, May 28, 2006

Farewell City of Brisbane Open...

Today was finally the end of the 3 day City of Brisbane Badminton Competition... it started last sunday, continuing yesterday til today.... Many good things and bad things came outa this comp:
1. Badminton is fun
2. Badminton is tiring
3. Singles is fun fun
4. I can play both C and B grade now ^^

Yeah its been a pretty fun week... I got into the Semi's of C mixed doubles (we shoulda won...), Quarters of C mens doubles, 2nd round of B mens doubles and 2nd round of C mens singles. It was also awesome watching/hearing about Elaine killing everyone and getting regraded ^^ even though we can't play mixed anymore :( she's heaps heaps good now! And my uni friend Peter who got into C mixed finals... and won the 'loser cup' of both C singles and mens doubles. Hopefully i can link up with a coach before the next comp and play heaps good :P

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Shmeep said...

Hehe, as if I'm 'heaps heaps good' now...I'm too inconsistent! And lol, yep, Peter gets two 'loser cups' XD