Monday, May 08, 2006

Thank You.

A BIG thanks to everyone who helped me have a great 18th birthday! Thank you to everyone who came over for the dinner, those who sms'ed me, and those who said happy birthday to me. I felt very special and it means a lot to me that i can share this milestone with all of you guys.

The day started off like a usual sunday... after a rather late saturday night... got a few phone calls, sms's and people on msn saying happy birthday to me at midnight or near (alice was 2 hours too early =P and elaine was first). Got to church and did the usual sunday thing... maccas and setting up. Then we had lunch and music jam session. I got a little suprise and i'm probably going to be playing guitar again =). Then came home, paniced a bit about the dinner and my assignment. Everything seemed good until the esky started leaking and water was everywhere on the floor, and derek called me to say nandos forgot my order and had to wait an extra 20 minutes for them to convince the nandos people that i actually did order and pay, and they cooked up about 5 full chickens on the spot for us.

So was in a anxious mood... then Jason, Elaine and Jan turned up... which made me feel heaps better =) no more big suprises! Everyone started turning up (last person was typically 25 minutes late =P) and two people didn't make it due to family and other reasons. So we tucked in to heaps of nice food... pizza, nandos, noodles, satay, salad, cake, and other nibbles. After, played 'how well do you know josh?' in groups... which the 'white guys' (Ping, Aaron and Warren) and Sally, Elaine and Leonie tied first. Leonie totally fluked the Q 'when did josh last cut his hair?' to the exact day! freaky ayeee. After we played taboo and time crisis 3 when the 'just married' couple made their late entry! I really feel sorry for them.... late + late = mega late... just hope they might cancel each other out and be on time for things for once!

It was a memorable night... thanks again to everyone! you guys are the best =D And I will try to grow up like 90% of people tell me to do hehe.


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