Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Crazy Days

My conclusion from my first week of being 18: Need More Sleep!

Saturday Night: Fa Cup Final was on. Being a final, and with my favourite team, Liverpool, playing, I just couldn't stop myself staying up to watch this game (it started at midnight). With the score at 3-2 at the 89th minute and liverpool losing, I was getting ready to go to sleep at 2am WHEN Stevie Gerrard scored from 35 metres out in extra time!?!?! Back i sat to watch 30 minutes of enthralling extra time, and then to penalties they went. All we need to know is liverpool won and that made me feel a bit better about my decision to stay up until 3 30am.

Sunday: Played guitar really crap at church. Then had to wait at landmark for about 30 minutes for a table we actually booked... *sigh* nothing special about the food... and off to figs camp meeting i went! After debating for many minutes about the figs camp menu... i decided to call it quits and go to complete my marathon 14 hours of badminton in 3 days.

Monday: After sleeping at close to midnight, I woke up at 8 10 realising i had a lecture at 9am! Scrambled outa bed as fast as ever and out of the house by 8 20ish and got to the bus stop at 8 25! There were moments where i thought i'd actually get there on time... until my bus to uni stopped on adelaide street because of stupid constructions! Just wanted to abuse the company for blocking up adelaide street just before 9am.... SO DUMB! *sigh* got to uni at 9 30 to another boring lecture with the newly named (because of his weird fashion sense and some personality issues) "Metro Mark". As per usual.. he droned on about some house in straddie that someone in the department designed. He could have told us how to construct a timber framing model (which i have no clue how to do) but nooooo... Went to pizza place for lunch to meet up with my high school buddies (belated birthday lunch~). It was really fun! Then went home to catch up on sleep.

Tuesday: After sleeping at 10 30 (*nods* 10 30!) i woke up late yet again at 7 40! Got to uni 10 minutes late only to realise that our erratic and unpredictable lecturer decided to call off our review! What a stoooooopid decision... and i came to uni just for it! *bleh* forced myself to walk back to the bus stop and home instead of hunting him down and kic.. nevermind! :P Did work from then til about midnight ><

This weekend is shaping to be totally awesome! City of Brisbane Badminton comp. on sunday *yayness!* Can't wait to play mixed with Elaine and to play mens doubles.... nonstop smashing!!!! like malaysia does! Probably the first comp. i'm taking seriously.. compared to the other ones i just smash and smash since i didn't know my partners.

Coming 7 weeks are totally crazy though~ Almost every weekend is fully booked due to badminton, figs, uni, concerts and other outings. Portfolio is due in early june.... first and last exam on 16th june... then 100% world cup!!! (since camp prep will be close to finished by then :P)

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Shmeep said...

Okay, I seriously don't get HOW you people can be so obsessed it soccer or football? lol XD and we'd better beat Peter and Caroline if we have to play them >=)