Wednesday, February 22, 2006

bye bye Holidays... Hello Uni!

It's been such a long and eventful holiday that I've somewhat become accustomed to this time of no real structure, heaps of suprises, being flat out busy without any schoolwork weighing down on me and at times feeling that i have no purpose in life. This is the time i work out that i reach my maximum potential in life when everything is choc-a-block and i have to do things by a certain time, or else i die.

These last few days I've met up with all my old friends, and also met some new friends, which is just an awesome feeling. These people come from all nationalities, have different interests and beliefs, yet we can still be such a close group, its just a miracle! Yes, sometimes we do exploit our differences (We paid out one of our friends (a guy) for choosing nursing in uni) but its just makes the world such a better place with all our differences.

Also been watching some asian movies over the past few weeks. WHY does every asian romance movie involve someone dieing in the beginning or before the setting of the film!?!?! Oh well... watched some really good movies, which carry some real truths. One of the things that are foregrounded is that when someone gets a 'second chance' in seeing a loved one, they always make the most of this opportunity because they realise that they did not give enough attention or show how much they love their loved one in their 'first chance'. The reality is that we only get one chance in this world to show how much we appreciate or love someone, and I reckon we should always tell someone how much you love, like or appreciate them!

Uni is coming up next week... I think the past 3 months has acclimatised myself into acknowledging that I am now a uni student. I have a life ahead of me, that everything i have done in the past 18 years has prepared me for. Now it is time to stop autopilot, grab the steering wheel, and pray that God will look after me!


JaYe said...

I find that it's Korean movies that are always sad and having someone dying in the end.

also, the videoclips of asian singers especially girls, are of them moping and pouting at the camera.

Cheese said...

Next week you'll officially be out of high, that's old. But yeah, I know what you mean about that "no purpose in life" feeling - what I get every holiday when holidaying!

I guess the dying thing in romance movies is the "shock tactic" thing...that, and it somehow makes the movie seem more 'romantic' I suppose.