Thursday, February 16, 2006

Valentines... Real or Overrated?

Yes... the best day of the year, or the most depressing day of the year, of just another day.... has passed once again. This day has caused a stir among people: Is Valentines day a stunt by retailers and florists for more cash, and a public stunt to get people who usually are shy or embarassed, to give to the one they love, OR is it a lovely day where lovers do wonderful things for each other? Well... I believe it can be both! When i went to the florist on monday to buy a valentines gift for someone, I noted how inflated the prices were! They were absolutely crazy, although the rose looked awesome~ There were even packages for roses which cost a few hundred bucks! On the actual day, I saw heaps of restaurants jam packed full of couples having their nice lunch/dinner together. And guess what.. they slap an extra 10-20% on the normal charge! Also, i saw my friend who normally doesn't give stuff to people usually or at valentines, give TWO valentines presents! I think that if you loved someone, you'd prepare to give them gifts any time, just for a little suprise or whatever, but some guys just wait and wait til valentines to give gifts to their friends/loved ones.
At the same time, i think valentines can be a great day for couples and friends! Whats better than spending a day out with your good friends/loved ones and maybe being childish and having a nice candlelight dinner :) Valentines day shows everyone how much love there is in the world, amid the wars and troubles in this day and age.
For me, Valentines was an awesome day, not just because it was Valentines. I had lunch with a friend, then dropped off a rose at another friend's place, then went and watched the VB cricket finals with Jan, Wazza and Onie! Some desperate people sent valentines greetings via banners i.e. "Sorry hon, We'll do dinner next year" (there won't be a next year mate) and my friend wanted to put "Murali will you be my Valentine?" on a banner! oh well it was fun! Hope everyone had an awesome Valentines!


Anonymous said...

If you count up the number of ! marks in that entry compared to your other entries it is probably directly proportional to the excitement you felt on that day... lol i gotta do a mathematical analysis on everything dont' I? It can be both... I think that couples who truly love each other won't put massive expectations on each other to buy into any of that inflation stuff just to fit into the mould that society puts on male and female in a couple. But I didn't buy any roses and I don't think the prices at Chinese Garden were inflated that day, so that's alright :)


Shannon said...

Hey man, yeah saw u wif a girl at plaza *nudge nudge*. And who's ur friend that got 2 pressies for those 2 lucki girls? Wat an inspiration XD

Derk said...

good point josh...
it seems you and shannon are hanging around a lot more these days :p
seriously who heeds a mathamatical thing for excitment

JaYe said...

Gimme the cricket any day!!

Hey, you should put up a pic from the game. (not sure if you got a pic of the guy running onto the field though)