Friday, February 03, 2006

Reflection: December - January

These past two months have been a roller coaster ride for me... highs and lows everywhere.. and a new change in life for the better :)

The longest holiday in my life so far has paid some dividends and had some consequences... lots of fun, rest and bumming around... while spent a lot of cash, gained a bit of weight, and haven't found a job yet :(

The best part of this holidays was to go back to malaysia and meet my reles, go shopping where everything is cheap, and to check out how my home is hanging. It was there when i also realised how important my family and friends are to me... without them i'd be a stranger in the world, and no one likes to be alone... While i was there, I witnessed my cousin's marriage, which was a high point, and my Uncle's funeral, which was a low point, which overshadowed the new years celebrations. His last words to me were 'I am very happy.' He was happy with what he had done throughout his life, and that his last week on earth was surrounded by all of his family and relatives. He was also happy because he was looking forward to life in heaven. Other memorable points of this trip were visiting my birthplace :), going to the tip of Borneo :), lots of shopping in KL :P, heaps of food, and seeing S.H.E (HEBE!!!!) in KL :)

When i came back here, it was busy as! QYC camp in currimundi, lots of friends to meet up with, got my enrolment to UQ (Architecture. yay!!), Reles visiting, and shannon's suprise 18th :P

Now I'm looking forward to Uni and all the suprises these next few years hold. Also, have to say goodbye to heaps of my friends who have/are going overseas and interstate for uni. I promise all u guys i will visit u sometime :) Keep in touch everyone while we can....

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