Wednesday, March 01, 2006

10 things that are weird/interesting about uni:

1. When a prac from 10am til 5pm really is a prac from 10-11 and then do what you feel like after. (Monday, prac consisted of going to art gallery from 2pm til 5pm to sketch, so we bummed the whole time before that, and then arrived at art gallery at 2:30 and left at 4 :P)

2. Uni lecturers/professors are so lazy ( me and 4 other people don't have a table, drawing board, filing cabinet, chair or any space = we can't do work)

3. There are a LOT of adults doing first year

4. The microwave line is 99% asian

5. You see so many people you know everywhere you go (ran into the weird and crazy 'pancreas fiona' who is in 5th year doing med)

6. Begging lifts of people who have cars is neccesary to save bus money

7. Photocopying and ATM lines run for 10-50 metres (lucky i have my own photocopying place at the architecture library!)

8. There are many people who look alike so apparently its hard to tell your friends from random people (yes, my friend did that in melbourne... went straight up to her and got the wrong person :P)

9. Architecture is awesome because there is no homework and no exams :D (for the 2 subjects ive been to anyway)

10. Making asian groups is neccesary to survive in uni! (we got about 10 asians in architecture and about 6 of them are in our little group hehe)

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