Monday, February 06, 2006

Is a steinway worth buying?

Yes everybody... The real and original debate is "Is a Steinway worth buying?" For thsoe who don't know, Steinway is the best (i think) piano maker company things, and their pianos apparently are really really good. Their best piano is very exxy though.... about 500 grand i hear. Anyway, we had a debate on sunday which started with this question.

Yes, this is a steinway.... will cost u 500 grand...

My opinion: What a waste of money. Even if I was a pro pianist and i was filthy rich, I would not buy this Piano. Then I'd have to buy some land and build an elliptical room to hold this thing to make the piano sound the best it can be.... which will set me off another 400 grand or so... so the real price tag of this piano is roughly $1 million AU.

Ok.. and the Debate went on... and we started comparing my friend buying a piano to me buying a car. If you think about it, He likes playing pianos, I like driving cars, so its a similar issue. A piano of this price can only be appreciated with a great pianist and by listening to it. A car, acts as a transport, and an expensive car is an engineering masterpiece, an art and design masterpiece, has its luxuries, and even with all these can be purchased for under 100 grand. Bt for the sake of mentioning it.... Look at this beautiful car....

Sleek, Stylish, Simply Stunning.

If you gave me the option to buy a Steinway ($500 grand, up to $1 million) or this Porsche 911 Carrera ($200 grand), and I had to pick one, I will definately go for the Porsche 911 Carrera. If i want to listen to steinway music, I will buy a CD with some Grand Piano Master guy playing for 20 bucks and put it into my crazy sound system in my Carrera and i will get to listen to Steinway quality piano too! Wat a bargain! and then I can buy a cheap Yamaha grand piano and i can play a piano too!! wat a bargain :)

Who wants a boring black piano for $1 mill when you can buy a Porsche Carrera for $200 grand!


Anonymous said...

I must admit the price i gave out is wrong: the price is just above 200 grand for the piano

however, the debate is whether you woudl buy a piano or a car WITH THE SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY. Hence, no point comparing a 200 grand car with a 500 grand piano

also, using adjectives like boring and sleek dont' actually make your point... you need actual reasons??!
hehehe jeff

Anonymous said...

and you have one point mistaken: pro pianists all want to have one of these: 9 out of 10 concert pianists buy a steinway. No they are not sponsored, its just that steinways are simply the best

pRoXi said...

without being a pro pianist yourself, or with a decent appreciation of the tone and resonance that comes from the strings and wood of a steinway, of course you wouldn't go for the piano.

it's not because it's not a good thing, it's because you don't know what you're seeing.

a relatively ignorant opinion is similar to us trying to fathom how great heaven will be, when we have no real idea of what it is like, let alone go about quantifying it.