Saturday, November 19, 2005

Seniors 2005

its been twelve years coming
and finally its passed by
the feeling of being completely free
but i'm not satisfied. I don't know why.

The sad and happy feelings
when we say farewell to our friends
when we thought we'd be there for each other
til the very end.

Memories playing on our minds
good, bad and all
the times we all spent together
remember guys.. keep in touch and call!

Our final week was just crazy
Heaps of photos in formal and grad
Hopefully it will have been a memorable time
Something we all would have enjoyed, instead of being mad.(at people)

I don't know what to think,
sometimes I feel I screwed this final week
Things i did, should have done, didn't do
It feels like im swimming up a dam steep creek.

I know i am really crap at poetry
and i'm winging this on the spot

it's been a crazy week, ending in a crazy day where we screwed up wivenhoe dam so much. Used so many megalitres of water in a crazy water fight at roma st. Some people (.....umm Magnus :P) even chucked around huge eskys full of water and ice, and half of us got fully wet. We had lunch before that, and after the huge water fight, we had like a huge group photo session. After that, met up with Owen and the dam asians (who were too scared to get wet, so they did something booooring) and went to city. Owen was trying to find tiff at city coz he had her bag full of clothes (well i was carrying it around...) so they stopped at sushi train for snacks. After that... when we were getting on the bus, i saw like 10 BGGS uniforms and owen decided to stop at cultural station to give tiff her 27th missed call. AND AMAZINLY she picked up, so me and owen went back while the others waited (they ditched us and went on a citycat... grrr). Owen was really really funny and homo when we found tiff at King George Sq. HE LITERALLY WENT AROUND AND HUGGED EVERYONE. It was so funny, i wish i had my camera out on video! Apparently i was supposed to do it, but its not my natural instincts to do that kinda crazy stuff so :P. Then we went to southbank to find our stupid friends gone citycatting (they woulda been late for their dinner haha..... serves them right for ditching us!) Yeah we headed home at about 6... It was a pretty fun day.

Anyway, Gotta run. I'll update soon!


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cherrie. said...

ahhh u lucky bum!!! no more high school for u..*sigh*. well make sure u have heaps of rest while ur on hols!!!!