Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Wow it's so fun being on holiday... I've nearly forgotten about school, but every day I'm still in touch with all my buddies. The past week seems to have been really packed (but they weren't...):

Saturday 19th: Had badminton at 7:30am!!! what a crap way to start holidays :( Anyway... that went until about 1pm, then had to go to E & Sel's engagement party, which was pretty good (typical asians... loads of food...), and at night was at Aaron's 21st Party at some remote place in rochedale...
Tuesday: Met up with my old mate Shannon and went job hunting around Sunnybank and Garden City. I don't think it was very successful :( At night, went to Koshin's place for her farewell... she's going to a better place... (New Zealand... lucky person...). It was a bit sad but it was really nice to meet up with everyone.
Wednesday: Checked SAI's with alan. Got 388, 384, 383, 377, 358 & 356 for Physics, Chem, Graphics, Maths B, English, Maths C respectively. It was alrite... i was happy since i barely studied this year until exam week.
Thursday: Went to Wellington Pt with the asian group.... Had to catch 2 trains and walk about an hour to get to the beach/jetty. THEN it started pouring when we reached the beach bit... so we just waited and ate lunch, then did a bit of fishing, and bummed around the beach until 4ish. Met some crazy guy at park road station... seriously... he was fully swearing at us and spat at us and everyone on the other side of the station were telling us to smash the guy.... but we swiftly left the area and went home.
Friday: I have no recollection of what i did that day... except that i had music practice and badminton, where i spent 1 hr laughing at this girl wen i was supposed to be playing.... anyway....
Saturday: Last FIGS study for the year :'( its been a long year and we made it finally.
Sunday: nup totally forgot wat i did
Monday: formal photos came out. I turned out better than i expected... except in the group pics where it looked totally gay/yuck when the guys in the middle were hugging everyone else.
Tuesday: fully bum around day :P

yes thats about all i can take of remembering.... the past is so blurred... or my memory is getting real bad cos of holdiays :P

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