Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Formal Fever

Finally the Formal has come and gone.... and it went like a flash. In the arvo, i was trying to dye my hair with semi-permanent dye... took me and DY an hour... but the dye didn't come through :(. Well Marky and Ping came and picked me up with his merc. and we drove to hamilton to pick up Crystal.. my partner :P After a bit of navigation... we stumbled upon the BIGGEST HOUSE I have ever seen..... its crazy with a stone stairway thing going from the top balcony to the bottom where the gate was. She took a bit to get down the walkway thing.... but it was worth the wait.. she looked so beautiful and pretty... just stunning (mum used the word 'sexy' for the first time i can recall). Yes... lalalala got to the formal, and took zillions of pics, found my friends and Crissy's friends... waited for about 1hr taking photos before dinner was served. The food was probably less than average... especially for such an occasion, and that wasn't too great. We took a few professional photos as individuals, as a couple, and with the other BGGS girls and their partners. Music was OK.... me and DY predicted like most of the songs. I think most of us were crap at dancing and just made it up. At the end i went and said bye and stuff to all my friends, especially the ones I've known since primary school, and my close buddies. It was pretty sad, but it looked like i was crying cos i think i rubbed glitter into my eye..which stang a bit. After the formal we dropped Crystal home (cos shes a good girl and needs her sleep :P) and then did some karaoke and stuff. Its 8:20 pm tuesday now, and i havent slept since monday 5:30am... so figure. Overall, it was a great time to spend with my school buddies, and with my awesome partner :) I hope it will be a good memory for all of us.... which is one of the last memories of our high school years.

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JaYe said...

WHAAAT? No swing dancing??

Great pic though, and I honestly don't think you'll be getting any sleep anytime soon....
apparently some important theatre event is on tonight, where males in their mid to late 20s dance around on lush green couch with a circular rubber bouncy object. Quite original I say :D