Friday, November 11, 2005

Game Over Man... Real Life time :P

11/11/2005 10:31am Josh's Proclamation: OVERRR!!!!

Yes... thats right.... hasn't sunk in yet (especially after 3 hours of group shopping...... which sucked really bad...) but I've finished high school FORVER! I can only feel the satisfaction of no rough waters for the next few months... something i've never been able to truly feel in my life. These last 3 exams were one of the hardest ones i've had... probably because i didn't study much, and the topics were pretty crap to say the least.... probability... damped simple harmonic chem... all boring boring hard stuff.

My plans for the next 3 months or so:
  1. get a job
  2. lose a few kilos
  3. train in badminton to make it into states/national team and/or
  4. train soccer left wing position
  5. go to malaysia n see my fav. cousion get married.. also shopping and other stuff hehe
  6. celebrate NYE with my mates
  7. learn how to play 'classical' guitar
  8. finish the puzzle MC gave me... too bad 900 of the 1000 pieces are WHITE cos its a snow background...
  9. design the landscape for the front of my house... including new fences

yep.... sounds pretty good....


Selena said...

Not wanting to put a dampener on your elated state of being but I though someone more experienced should give you a word of warning. Uni exams are like 10 times more stressful and time consuming than the year 12 ones. You've just signed yourself up for about 5-6 years of it mate, they never stop!!! Enjoy... :-)

Selena said...

but besides from all that, congrats on finally finishing this milestone :-) have fun for the next few months of doing nothing and eating everything!

Anonymous said...

LOL Selena and I think alike... Do science... its only 3 yrs :)