Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Jaye's Dream Home!

*drumrolls* J-Dimension presents the Jaye-home Project!

Here are some questions that will hopefully point J-Dimension into the right direction in this exciting new project!

Will Jaye need:
1. a) a huge house
b) a small and cozy house

2. a) one-storey house
b) two-storey house

3. a) a big backyard
b) a small or no backyard

4. a) a new age, sleek, stylish design
b) a traditional, conservative design

5. a) a big gaming room for us all to gatecrash
b) a swimming pool for us to gatecrash
c) a tennis court for us to gatecrash
d) a star wars like Darth Nolla module
e) any or all of the above

Should the design be:
a) Simple and most efficient
b) deliberately annoying

What should be a major idea for Jaye-home Project?
a) style
b) functionality
c) open-ness to visitors
d) star wars like
e) no idea is neccesary

We are also looking for a piece of land to situate Jaye-home Project. Please contact me with some suggestions!


JaYe said... like!

1. option c) medium-sized
2. option a)
3. definitely a) for W's veggie patch and *ahem* Titan shed
4. option c) combo of both
5. *LOL* maybe a) and d), definitely NOT B!

Simple and efficient, stylish yet practical, and must withstand the inevitability of random gatecrashers who want to play with the Darth Nolla space controls!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking it needs a "media" room with a minimum of 12 network connections and Power points for hardcore LAN parties.

Shmeep said...

Fineeeee. Because someone keeps nagging me to comment.

6.a) if you're nice, b) if you're not.

...I feel like I'm doing a multi-choice test. Lol.